2010 Goal – Check in

So – back at the end of last year, I decided on 10 goals for this year. A lot of times when I do that, I then promptly forget about said goals until the end of that year and don’t really accomplish all of them. So, I am doing periodic check-ins (every couple of months or so) just to see how I’m doing.

  1. Run 1,000 miles  – I am definitely on track with this one. I should be at about 175 by the end of this month, and at about 400 after I finish the marathon. That leaves me over 7 months to run 600 miles, and I think I can do it! At the very least, I’ll be almost half way to  my goal of beating last year’s mileage by the time the marathon is over!
  2. Go the entire year w/o triggering my automatic overdraft protection – So far, so good! Go me!
  3. Read 52 (non-school, new) books – Hmmm…a little behind here! BUT, I am planning on playing catch up this vacation week! I’m not really worried about this one.
  4. Throw out/donate/recycle at least one item per week.  – I am not doing well here. I started out strong – went through the pantry & got rid of expired disgusting foods & other things, but haven’t kept up the way I should. I should probably make a spreadsheet to track this! 🙂
  5. Complete at least two triathlons – Well, it’s not triathlon season yet, so not a lot of headway being made here. EXCEPT that I am swimming, and I just found a new pool near work that I LOVE! Also, I am now the proud owner of a wetsuit, so I’m ready!
  6. Half marathon PR. – Haven’t attempted yet. Attempt #1 will be in April.
  7. A’s in all core classes. – Today was the last day of my first core class of the year, and unless the professor gives me zeros on the only 3 ungraded items outstanding, I will get an A (98% on my final paper! WOO!)
  8. Be able to do 3 pull-ups in a row by December 31, 2010. – Not making a lot of headway here, either. I definitely need to start working on this more.
  9. End the year ten pounds lighter than I started it. – Also not making a lot of headway here. So far I am approximately exactly the same weight as I was 1/1/10.
  10. Do at least six volunteer activities. – I have completed one volunteer activity (planted trees with Friends of Trees) and will do another tomorrow (volunteering at the Hagg Lake Mud Run). I have also let the race director of the race I volunteered at last summer that I’m available if she needs me.  I would like to branch out from just race volunteering, too. I’m hoping that I can do some trail maintenance work with the Friends of Forest Park at some point. Any other volunteer suggestions?

So – overall, I think I’m on track with almost everything, but I definitely need to concentrate on the weight loss, the decluttering, and the pull-ups.

Did you make goals? How are those going for you? 😉

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