Training Goals – 1/25/10 – 1/31/10

The recap! It was a good week.

Training Goals – 1/18 – 1/24

Monday: weights + bike – SUCCESS! I both lifted & spent some time on the trainer. (5.9 miles/30 minutes/11.8 mph)

Tuesday: Terwilliger run – SUCCESS! (4.2 miles/45 minutes/10:43 pace)

Wednesday: Run – SUCCESS! More or less…I ran 4 miles instead of 5, but no big deal. (4 miles/45:37/11:24 pace)

Thursday: Rest day – SUCCESS!

Friday: Trail run (4-5 miles) + Weights – half SUCCESS! I ran six miles on the trail! I did not lift weights, though. That got pushed to Saturday. (6 miles/1:18:00/12:46 pace/600-ish ft elevation gain)

Saturday: Swimming Lessons (my last one!) + Bike – mostly a SUCCESS! I went to swimming lessons (and then graduated), and I got my weights workout in that I’d missed Friday. I did not make the bike (homework, dammit.)

Sunday: Long run (10 miles) – mostly SUCCESS! I did eight miles, and they were under 11 minute miles, which is the pace I aim for on long runs! YAY! (8 miles/1:27:48/10:58 pace)

Training Goals – 1/25 – 1/31

Monday: weights

Tuesday: Terwilliger run (4.2 miles)

Wednesday: Run (3-5 miles)

Thursday: Swim

Friday: Trail run (6-7 miles) + Weights

Saturday: Rest

Sunday: Long run (8-9 miles)

STRETCH EVERY DAY, even on non-running days. It would be good to find a time to get on the bike, too.

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