I Graduated!

Today was my very last swimming lesson. My wonderful coach pronounced me graduated! My freestyle is now in pretty good shape, and I can even kind of do the breast & back strokes! I feel a lot more comfortable in the pool, and am ready to keep at it! I just wish I had my own lap pool in the basement, but for some reason, the architect refuses to put one in for me.

I know that if I can keep at it (which I will!) I can shave a significant amount of time off my swim in the sprint triathlon I’m doing in June.

I have always enjoyed swimming, but because I never lived in a town with a pool, I really didn’t get a chance to practice much growing up. My technique wasn’t very efficient. I was going slow and getting tired! Now I am a faster swimmer and a more efficient swimmer! Now that I have my technique down, I am going to start working on endurance (not as much speed, as I think that will come).

And now that I’m such an awesome swimmer, I am expecting that, any minute now, I will look like this.

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