Training goals – week of fail

Training Goals: 12/7 – 12/13

Monday: walk with the architect; lift weights – SUCCESS!

Tuesday: run Terwilliger after work – SUCCESS!

Wednesday: Bike to work, freeze my ass off; weights after work – FAIL! It was too cold for biking (I am a pansy) & after work, I had too much to do on my paper.

Thursday: rest day -SUCCESS!

Friday: run (I’m getting crazy & going for a six miler) – FAIL! I worked on my paper all day, and then it was time to go to brew review.

Saturday: bike ride; weights – half SUCCESS! I got on our new fancy trainer & did that for about 20 minutes, which is all I could do before dying. It’s a much harder workout than my usual wandering about fairly slowly bike rides.

Sunday: Ho Ho 5K – FAIL! I started to feel a bit off Saturday, and decided that racing in the cold with a chest cold was not the best idea ever. I kinda wish I’d gone, but at the same time, I am still not feeling right today. What mostly sucks is that I only worked out three days last week, and now I’m pretty sure I’m not going to hit my 800 mile goal for 2009. BUT – I am working on being okay with that. I’ve already more than surpassed my 2008 mileage, and I’m sure I’ll get there next year (in fact, I’m thinking next year, I’ll get pretty close to 1,000). SO, I’m okay with it, really!

Training Goals – 12/14 – 12/20

Monday: post-work weights

Tuesday: Terwilliger run with the Ambitious One

Wednesday: Run

Thursday: rest

Friday: Run

Saturday: Bike/Weights

Sunday: Run

Anyone want to join me for the weekend (Friday-Sunday) activities? I’d be open to switching things around if that would work for everyone.

I’m off school now (and although this class destroyed all dreams of a 4.0 through grad school, I did do much better than expected on my final paper) and have a lot more free time! And energy! And cheerfulness! Woo!

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