Brew Review #12

This is probably some kind of record.

Brew Review #12 at Max’s Fanno Creek in Tigard took placeon 12/11/09. Today, it is 12/15/09. That is only FOUR DAYS people! I probably deserve a sticker! (Or a beer.)

As December 11th progressed, I kept getting cancellation after cancellation – it seemed that many people had other people they preferred to hang out with…I won’t lie internets, I cried a little.

The architect & I took off for the long trek to Tigard just in time to get on I-5 and sit. And sit. And inch forward. And sit. I had to pretend I was back in LA & draw my mantle of 405 Zen driving around me to survive. By then, we were running almost 30 minutes late, and I knew that a brand-new reviewer was waiting for me! And that makes me so stressed out. Also, I hate driving at dusk. So, by the time we got there, I really needed a beer!

Fortunately, new reviewer Cilley was still waiting & hadn’t run off in a huff!

We grabbed a table & I immediately ordered the sampler tray (as is my custom).

Strangely enough, I did not take a picture of the actual samples, just the sampler map

Strangely enough, I did not take a picture of the actual samples, just the sampler map

There was a 7th beer served – the vanilla cream porter.

  1. Dry Hop Red
    • Amy: Not the best red, although it’s a decent hoppy/malty combo
    • Architect: Pretty good
  2. Scottish
    • Kind of strange (reaction from both)
  3. IPA
    • Amy: Very hoppy, can’t really stand up to other Portland IPAs, though
  4. Reverend’s Daughter
    • Amy: Kind of hoppy, IPA Junior
    • Cilley: Delicious!
    • Architect: I have always loved the daughters of reverend’s, specifically my lovely wife, the gazelle, and expected this to be no different (that is an exact quote, I promise).
  5. Nit Wit
    • Architect: very good
    • Amy: damn good for a Wit
    • Ashley: “Crisp with a light wheat deliciousness”
  6. Baltic Porter
    • Average example of a porter
  7. Vanilla Cream Stout
    • Amy: Sweet, delicious
    • Cilley: not super beery at all

Food –

  1. The architect had the grilled Mahi mahi – and thought it was “eh”
  2. I had the chicken burrito, and although it wasn’t bad, the rice wasn’t cooked all the way through, and was a wee bit crunch – also “eh”
  3. Cilley had the seafood chowder, which she pronounced “delicious” and some fried evil mushrooms, which apparently were also pretty good.
  4. Ashley had a chicken quesadilla which was pretty good (I did try some of that).

The hoppy hour food specials weren’t that impressive, and I think everyone ordered off the dinner menu. There were also  hoppy hour beer specials, and that was a nice discount on their pints.

So – the overall verdict: great lighter beers, average darker beers. The Reverend’s Daughter & Nit Wit were both great beers, and I may be making a trip back there at some point for another!

The food was okay, but not worth a special trip in & of itself.

The atmosphere….I really didn’t get much further in that the front of the pub (except for a bathroom trip), but the service was pretty good & very friendly.

I give it 3.5 stars, although I give the two better beers 4.37 stars each.

The gazelle & the architect

Cilley enjoys her Reverends Daughter

Cilley enjoys her Reverend's Daughter

Edited to Add:

Brew Review #13 -January 8, 2010

McMenamin’s Barley Mill Pub (the oldest McMenamin’s Location)

1629 S.E. Hawthorne
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 231-1492

As always – let me know if you’ll be showing up! I’ll plan on showing up around 4:30 (barring traffic difficulties, of course).  Hope to see you there!

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