A new way to celebrate

I have decided that I will end every stressful class in a new way! So far, I’m two for two.

Although my immediate celebrate involved some Reverend’s Daughter (just as good as it sounds), the 12th brew review, and a new running-blogger friend, the extended weekend celebration has involved a sore throat, some excess sleeping, and a cough that makes my chest ache.

I’m not in super bad shape – I actually feel MOSTLY okay, but decided to nix all outdoor running & racing plans. I hit the (new) bike trainer for a bit yesterday, and will wander over to the gym later today for some weights & a couple of miles on the dreadmill, but mostly, I’m going to drink lots of Emergen-C, wash my hands frequently, and make cookies.

I really don’t want to be sick this week – I have a lot of great runs planned.

And – Cilley! I hope you have a great 5K today! WOO!

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