And the winner is…..
And the winner is…..

And the winner is…..

I took all the names of the people who commented on the blog and/or retweeted this contest, put them in order of their comment/retweet and then put it in the random number generator.

Big Girl Pants blog comment 3-Dec 6:55 AM
Carolina John blog comment 3-Dec 7:49 AM
Marlene blog comment 3-Dec 8:02 AM
Eliza twitter 3-Dec 10:08 AM
Ikkinlala blog comment 3-Dec 10:13 AM
Kudret blog comment 3-Dec 10:34 AM
Eliza blog comment 3-Dec 11:08 AM
Cilley Girl blog comment 3-Dec 11:17 AM
Christine blog comment 3-Dec 11:26 AM
Laura E blog comment 3-Dec 7:37 PM
Kristina blog comment 3-Dec 8:33 PM
Melanie twitter 3-Dec 9:45 PM
Paige twitter 3-Dec 9:53 PM
Melanie blog comment 3-Dec 10:44 PM
Paige blog comment 3-Dec 10:53 PM
Jen B blog comment 4-Dec 6:35 PM

There were 16 total entrants. So, I went to & asked for a number between 1 & 16.

Number 10 is Laura E.

Laura – you have until noonish on Saturday to email me your mailing address. You can get in touch with me at gazellesoncrack (at) gmail.


Now – what you DIDN’T know, is that there is a 2nd prize! The 2nd place winner also gets a slightly less elaborate gift basket – and the second place winner is:

CilleyGirl! Congrats! And, since you do not live far away, if you don’t mind, I’ll present your gift basket in person. If I work REALLY hard, it will be ready by Sunday morning & I can give it to you at the race.

So – congrats, winner! And Laura – please contact me as soon as possible.


      1. Christine

        Yes but,
        //whiny girl voice// That was a LONG TIME AGO!!! //end whiiny girl voice//

        And don’t even THINK about getting that t-shirt back. It is officially my favorite t-shirt ever!

  1. I won! I won! I won! You like me, you really like me!!

    Seriously tho, this is the first time I’ve ever won anything in a giveaway. I’m so excited!

    Amy, Sunday at the race would be great. Don’t sweat getting it done though, ideally when you meet me in person tomorrow you won’t hate me and I’ll actually see you again after Sunday πŸ˜‰


    1. apparently you missed my comment on your blog that you can have the consolation prize of one free Triathlete’s training bible (or whatever it’s called – I’m too lazy to look it up right now) if you send me your address. Don’t you even read your comments? πŸ™‚

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