And the winner is…..

I took all the names of the people who commented on the blog and/or retweeted this contest, put them in order of their comment/retweet and then put it in the random number generator.

Big Girl Pants blog comment 3-Dec 6:55 AM
Carolina John blog comment 3-Dec 7:49 AM
Marlene blog comment 3-Dec 8:02 AM
Eliza twitter 3-Dec 10:08 AM
Ikkinlala blog comment 3-Dec 10:13 AM
Kudret blog comment 3-Dec 10:34 AM
Eliza blog comment 3-Dec 11:08 AM
Cilley Girl blog comment 3-Dec 11:17 AM
Christine blog comment 3-Dec 11:26 AM
Laura E blog comment 3-Dec 7:37 PM
Kristina blog comment 3-Dec 8:33 PM
Melanie twitter 3-Dec 9:45 PM
Paige twitter 3-Dec 9:53 PM
Melanie blog comment 3-Dec 10:44 PM
Paige blog comment 3-Dec 10:53 PM
Jen B blog comment 4-Dec 6:35 PM

There were 16 total entrants. So, I went to & asked for a number between 1 & 16.

Number 10 is Laura E.

Laura – you have until noonish on Saturday to email me your mailing address. You can get in touch with me at gazellesoncrack (at) gmail.


Now – what you DIDN’T know, is that there is a 2nd prize! The 2nd place winner also gets a slightly less elaborate gift basket – and the second place winner is:

CilleyGirl! Congrats! And, since you do not live far away, if you don’t mind, I’ll present your gift basket in person. If I work REALLY hard, it will be ready by Sunday morning & I can give it to you at the race.

So – congrats, winner! And Laura – please contact me as soon as possible.

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