Training Goals – 12/21 – 12/27

The recap from last week – warning! It is once again pretty pathetic.

Training Goals – 12/14 – 12/20

Monday: post-work weights – half FAIL! I did hop on the bike trainer for 30 minutes, which is a LOT of workout.

Tuesday: Terwilliger run with the Ambitious One – FAIL! It was super rainy, so I wussed out. And then, it took 75 hours to get home from work, so I vegged instead.

Wednesday: Run – SUCCESS! I ran 5 miles with strangers. go me!

Thursday: rest – SUCCESS! (I haven’t missed a rest day success in a looooong time.)

Friday: Run – FAIL! Friday turned into a bit of a crazy day, although it was mostly good crazy. I was going to try to fit in a run between the dentist & brunch w/ Junk Miles, but for the first time ever, the dentist didn’t get me in on times, so I just ran out of time!

Saturday: Bike/Weights – FAIL! I did nothing. I am a lazy, lazy monster. I really don’t feel too bad, though.

Sunday: Run – SUCCESS! I met Cilley for a run, and we did five miles on Springwater together, and then I ran 2 more for a total of 7. This is the first time I’ve run more than 5 miles since the marathon, so I feel pretty positive about that. I still have my cough, but didn’t really have any trouble at all until after the run, so I know that once this stupid cough is gone, I’ll be able to comfortably rack up the miles again.

Training Goals – 12/21 – 12/27

Monday: weights after work FOR REAL! I haven’t lifted in 2 weeks, and surprisingly, I really miss it.

Tuesday: Terwilliger run (on my own..*sniff*)

Wednesday: bike to work (and back)

Thursday: run + weights

Friday: Christmas Day run

Saturday: bike + weights

Sunday: run – 8 miles

As you can see, no rest days schedule this week. I know that I will probably take one at some point, because I’m lazy, but I’m ready to get back into a more rigorous training schedule, and would like to get back into that habit before the work/school stress starts ramping up again. Also, I only work Monday-Wednesday this week and Tuesday-Thursday next, so it’s a good time to fit in some extra workouts.

I hope everyone has a good Solstice and/or Christmas!

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