Still Hacking Away

I feel fine, people. I really, really do! I ran 7 miles yesterday, and today I got up all early & went to the gym to lift some weights. I do not feel sick. Except for every few minutes, when I can feel the crud rattling in my chest warning me that I’m going to be coughing grossly in a couple of minutes.

This cough thing has been going on for almost 10 days now! This is ridiculous! Especially since I actually don’t feel bad at all. If I’m going to be sick, then why can’t I just get sick & get it over with? None of this “almost” sick or “kinda” sick. LAME!

So, I am ready to stop coughing now, because although I actually don’t feel sick, I do feel that ‘hacking up a lung’ is just not as sexy as it used to be. (Perhaps I have consumption!)

Anyways – my plan is to continue to ignore the (not quite) sick until it goes away. Or die beautiful with consumption, a la Ruby Gillis.

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  • CilleyGirl
    December 21, 2009 - 2:30 pm ·

    I’d stick with the consumption diagnosis. Much sexier. Rather mysterious, actually.

    P.S. Get better already!!

    • gazelle
      December 21, 2009 - 6:40 pm ·

      fortunately, I have a pre-scheduled doctor appointment on Wednesday, so if I’m still coughing, I’ll get it checked out.

      I’m really hoping for consumption though. *wrist to forehead*