They Weren’t Serial Killers!

I know I left you all hanging for a long time, but I’m not dead, although there have been points today when I wished I was.

I had a great five mile run last night. The strangers were nice, and most of them weren’t even all that strange.

I came home, had a good dinner, went to bed with the intention of getting up this morning and going to spin class. I woke up this morning, and was hacking up a lung, so I skipped spin, took a shower & got dressed for work. As I was drinking my pre-work coffee, I started hacking again. It was so painful! Except for this stupid hacking cough that makes my chest ache, I feel fine, so this is mostly super annoying.

I am back in my pj’s, and have now 1) caught up on Castle; 2) watched all of this week’s Daily Shows & Colbert Reports; and am now 3) watching some BSG.

I just feel lame calling in sick for work, since I don’t feel that bad after all. BUT, I guess it’s better now than next month when I’m swamped again. It’s a good time to be away from the office, and I should probably just be glad that I can take off without any major problems when needed, right?

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