They Weren’t Serial Killers!
They Weren’t Serial Killers!

They Weren’t Serial Killers!

I know I left you all hanging for a long time, but I’m not dead, although there have been points today when I wished I was.

I had a great five mile run last night. The strangers were nice, and most of them weren’t even all that strange.

I came home, had a good dinner, went to bed with the intention of getting up this morning and going to spin class. I woke up this morning, and was hacking up a lung, so I skipped spin, took a shower & got dressed for work. As I was drinking my pre-work coffee, I started hacking again. It was so painful! Except for this stupid hacking cough that makes my chest ache, I feel fine, so this is mostly super annoying.

I am back in my pj’s, and have now 1) caught up on Castle; 2) watched all of this week’s Daily Shows & Colbert Reports; and am now 3) watching some BSG.

I just feel lame calling in sick for work, since I don’t feel that bad after all. BUT, I guess it’s better now than next month when I’m swamped again. It’s a good time to be away from the office, and I should probably just be glad that I can take off without any major problems when needed, right?


  1. Jen

    I think it’s good you stayed home. Hopefully nip anything more serious in the bud. Plus, your coworkers don’t want to hear that hacking all day!

    Glad the group run was fun!!

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