Weebles wobble

So, at the gym this week, I have done lots of new stuff! I used some new weight machine thingies, even though the main weights room (the one with free weights, and not the cute little machines) is mostly full of guys.

AND, yesterday when I went to the gym for a good 45 minutes elliptical workout (staying below 140 bpm) all the elliptical machines were busy. So, I saw this other machine. That looked almost like an elliptical, and I thought – I’ll just get on that – it’s just a funny looking one.

So – it was this. This is not an elliptical, I don’t care what any website says. This thing is CRAZY! In the 32 minutes I was on it, I went 3 miles & burned over 325 calories. Also, when I took my heart rate at the end, I was at 165. Which is a bit much for my easy cardio day.

After, my legs felt like jelly! I wobbled all the way back home (but did manage to stay upright). Has anyone else used one of these so-called “ellipticals” (Precor AMT 100, I think)? Am I a pansy?

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