How did this happen?
How did this happen?

How did this happen?

Who made it Monday again?

I know I have three-day weekends, but they go by WAAY too fast. It was a good weekend. I got to have beer with some friends (most of whom are blogless – WEIRD!) (Also – brew review coming soon – I’m waiting for my pictures to get developed. ha. or emailed to me!)

Saturday there was yoga – of a sort – and decaf & scones with two of my favorite people.

There was a lot of homework (and another aced quiz! it’s almost like I’m learning).

There was a long walk with the architect.

A gym date with the kick-ass neighbor.

Some relaxing. Some FANTASTICO homemade tomato soup & pesto cheese sandwiches. (Also, I need an immersion blender – could someone get on that for me?)

There was some Battlestar Galactica (season 1 – the mini series), which I’m ashamed to say I hadn’t seen before (and loved). There was some reading of trashy books (which I’m ashamed to say I loved. Damn you, Eliza with no blog to link to anymore [some day I may forgive you for that] that suggested the first one in the series!).

It was a very good weekend.

And now, it’s Monday. *sigh*


  1. CilleyGirl

    Are those the blenders that you stick into a pot of soup or whatever to blend?

    And also, mmmm…. soup. I made a melted gruyere cheese sandwich yesterday for my sicky lunch but alas no soup.

      1. CilleyGirl

        I just had boring tomato soup and didn’t want to spend the calories to jazz it up with chunks of mozarella cheese and cream cheese. But then I spent all those saved calories on bad Burger King dinner.

  2. I’ve never even heard of an immersion blender – but I’m sure I want one. (Especially if it makes yummy soup for you. And cheese sandwiches.) 😀 And how is it that you didn’t see fit to pass on the name of the first trashy book in the series? Did I miss it? ‘Cause you KNOW I have a fiction addiction and I must not miss a fix.

    1. Basically it’s a little handheld blender that you put directly in your soup pot to blend everything up after it’s cooked (safer than transferring hot stuff to a standing blender & then back to the pot).

      As for the book – the first in the series is “Moon Called” by Patricia Briggs – and it was bad! So bad that as soon as I finished it, I put the next four in the series on my library wait list. I have read numbers 2 & 3 so far, #4 is waiting at the library for me to pick up, and #5 will be published in early 2010, I think. But I’m already waiting. *shame*

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