Training Goals – 11/16 – 11/22

But first – the recap! This was an odd week. I had a sprained wrist at the beginning of the week, and then some, ahem, medical issues at the end of the week that kept me from running. Also, school is still intense. I am doing my best to stay active, but this was certainly a challenging week!

Training Goals 11/9 – 11/15

This week’s goal is just to match the 5.5 hours of working out I had last week. – I didn’t quite get there this week, due to Monday-Thursday’s laziness fitness/health issues.

Monday: Weights, maybe some yoga. – FAIL! I neither weighted nor yoga-ed.

Tuesday: Bike to work. – FAIL!

Wednesday: Run – FAIL!

Thursday: Off – SUCCESS! 🙂

Friday: Run; Weights – Half Success. I did lift weights (and worked myself HARD! I was a bit on the sore side Saturday. I did not run, because my doctor put me on a hard-core cardio moratorium until next Tuesday.

Saturday: Bike and/or swim – Well, not really success, but not FAIL either. I yoga-ed with some cool chicas, and then went for a 90 minute walk with the architect, so I got some movement in.

Sunday: Run – Again, not really a fail. I hit the gym for weights again (I am really enjoying this, and walking to the gym definitely gets me there more) and also did 40 slow minutes on the elliptical.

Training Goals 11/16 – 11/22

Monday: easy elliptical at the gym; maybe, if I feel brave, I will hit the rowing machine. Maybe.

Tuesday: weights + treadmill (3 miles)

Wednesday: this may be a rest day. It may be a gym class day. It depends on what time I get home.

Thursday: spin class + abs. Guys, I am so afraid of spin class! I spun once a couple of years ago, and it was so awful! And painful! And I am still traumatized! I am only going because my kick-ass neighbor is going with me & promised that I probably wouldn’t die.

Friday: run + weights

Saturday: bike ride

Sunday: run

On one of those weekend days I do want to do some yoga. I think that with the right atmosphere & right DVD, it really can be super helpful to my strength & flexibility & recovery.  This week’s goal is get close to 5 hours of exercise.

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