This is the week that never ends

It just goes on & on & on & on, etc.

Everyone I talked to yesterday agreed that it was a very odd Wednesday – almost a Monday-ish Wednesday. Don’t know why – but it’s over. And now, it’s Thursday! Which makes me happy. Except for one very small problem.

Tonight is the night I am supposed to spin. I know you all said I would be fine and probably wouldn’t die. And also, I ran a marathon and didn’t die, so one 60 minute spin class should not scare me. I am a big, brave dog & all that.

But I am scared.

(Aside: that weird muscle in my leg that I pulled back in August is really sore today [and yesterday, too]. Since I ran Tuesday for the first time in two weeks, I’m guessing that’s what made it sore, but I don’t understand. It hurts immediately upon standing after sitting for a bit, and is sore while walking, but gets less sore the more that I move.  I have a sports massage appointment next Wednesday – hopefully I can figure out what’s going on & get that taken care of.)

However, I am trying to beat down my own fear. My friend & fellow PBR Jen is en route RIGHT NOW to Arizona, where she will become an Iron wo(Man) on Sunday. In case you’re not familiar with that because you’re one of the people who has arrived here by looking for “flat suede boot porn pictures that update every 20 minutes” (WTF? Seriously?), that is a very long 2.4 mile swim, 112-mile bike & a marathon (i.e. 26.2 miles) ALL IN A ROW.  So – if Jen can do that (and I know she can), then surely I can survive a spin class, right?

If I don’t post tomorrow, my above assumption turned out to be false, and I am dead.  Otherwise, I’ll let you know how it went.

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