It gets better from here

This has been one hell of a week. First, the bum wrist (which I have linked back to homework on the laptop while on the sofa). Then there was Wednesday. Day of 2 hour doctor appointments, late workday, miscellaneous medical tests, no breakfast. Oh, and a raging kidney infection (what, TMI?) that I didn’t know about! And that I have decided is probably fatal.

Thursday – early morning blood draw, more work, dealing with a person at work that makes me a little crazy (because it is possible she has enough to share several times over) and then home.

And today -homework. And more homework. And even though I had a ridiculously healthy breakfast to stimulate my brain cells, I am still not 100% sure I understand which circumstances might call for only one of the two main modes of switching (packet vs. circuit) and why those circumstances would be so picky. And again, no help from my network guy one which we use at work, so I’m making educated guesses & hoping they are good enough. Good thing I have my BA in English (i.e. bullshit).

BUT – I am feeling much better today. I had my nutritionist appointment today, and I am down almost 3 lbs, plus although my BMI is still ‘overweight’ my body fat percentage has been officially measured, and I think that I am in the ‘fit’ category! So go me!

And tonight is brew review! Which is always fun.

And now – off to the gym for some lower body weights before showering & making myself presentable for the beer. happy Friday y’all.

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