An unscientific experiment

I the interest of keeping you, my faithful readers, informed, yesterday I performed an experiment.

I was running later than I wanted in the morning (because I was looking for a very important picture frame that I decided I needed to find right then), and so didn’t have time to have my usual cup of coffee before leaving for work. And then I got to work later than I expected. I stopped for a coffee, and then accidentally got a 16-oz pumpkin pie latte (mmmmmm). Since I’d been running late, I didn’t get to my office until 8:45. This is ordinarily no big deal, but on Wednesday mornings, there is a big meeting in my hallway, which means tons of people are in the tiny kitchen trying to get coffee. The kitchen where, every morning, I make my little bowl of instant oatmeal.  So I said, “no worries! I will just get my breakfast after the meeting starts & they all go away.”

Anyone want to take bets on what time I remembered I needed to get breakfast?


My whole day was off yesterday. I was STUPID. For real! I could not figure out how to do anything. And, I ended up having a 2 hour doctor appointment yesterday, which pushed my whole day back, and I just was not in a happy place.

This morning, although I had to be back to the office at 7AM (fasting blood draw! woo!), I had my breakfast as soon as the phlebotamist released me. All those things I couldn’t figure out yesterday? Piece of cake!

So, boys & girls, the moral of this story is breakfast is really key to brain power! Who knew? (What, you mean everyone already knew that? Dammit, there goes my funding. Maybe I should look into the scientific ramifications of 2nd breakfast.)

See you all tomorrow for Brew Review!

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