Training Goals – 9/28 – 10/4

But first, as always, the recap:

Training Goals – 9/21 – 9/27

Monday: bike to work – SUCCESS! WOO! I biked to & from work.

Tuesday: run -5 miles (must do this in the morning. I am not ascared of the dark! I can do it! I can!) – FAIL! I didn’t get up in the morning because I AM ascared of the dark. And I had dinner plans after work, so didn’t run then, either. BOO

Wednesday: bike to work – FAIL! But only kind of. I ran 6 miles after work, and I didn’t bike because I had to drive my big project to FedEx

Thursday: run -5 mile. bike to work. – partial SUCCESS! I biked to work. I didn’t run.

Friday: rest day; massage; head to Hood River for the wedding of the century.  – I rested and attended the wedding. I walked around Hood River for a while, and then danced in heels, which definitely counts as exercise, right?

Saturday: recover, maybe an afternoon walk or bike ride. – I lazed. And did so  much homework.

Sunday: run – 12 miles. Last long run pre-marathon. – I ran 9.5 miles. Which is fewer than 12, but I’m really okay with that.

My run today was okay. Nothing spectacular. It was too hot (I left about noon, after a glorious morning of sleeping in….glorious), and I ran out of water & had to run around parks looking for a water fountain (I found one). I started out pretty strong –

Mile 1: 9:56
Mile 2: 10:02
Mile 3: 10:52 (hill)
Mile 4: 10:35

Then it all went to hell – I started taking walk breaks – my feet were killing me again. Seriously, I am not taking these shoes off for a week! They will be 100% broken in, or else!

Mile 5: 11:36
Mile 6: 13:25 (this is where I decided to cut the run a bit short as I was already out of water & not feeling it)
Mile 7: 12:07

I felt a little better after I found water at the end of mile 7.

Mile 8: 10:53
Mile 9: 11:19
Mile 9.5: 5:03 (10:05 pace)

Overall, 9 miles, 1:45:52, 11:08 pace. I really wanted to keep this last long run at my planned marathon pace of between 10:15-10:25, but it didn’t happen. And you know what, that’s really okay. I’m going to start out w/ the 4:30 pace group, but if I can’t hold it, I’m not going to force myself. I’d rather finish strong than finish (relatively) fast. It’s my first one anyway, automatic PR!

And now – for this week’s goals.

Training Goals: 9/28 – 10/4

Monday: bike to work

Tuesday: 5 mile run – EASY

Wednesday: bike to work

Thursday: travel day

Friday: 3 mile run – EASY

Saturday: panic. go to bed early-ish. panic.

Sunday: race day. holy crap.

ice. watch food intake. make packing list. get homework done. breathe deeply.

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