The Commute
The Commute

The Commute

I’ve been biking to work about 50% of the time this month. Partially because every September Portland has a ‘bike-to-work’ challenge, and you can log your miles & challenge your friends & win prizes and stuff. And partially because it’s just as fast as taking the bus (sometimes faster) and good exercise. It’s about a 20 mile round trip ride for me (depending on the route I take), and although I seldom average more than 12-13 mph due to stop lights & traffic & one VERY LARGE hill, it’s been good.

However, the best thing about bike commuting? My kick-ass neighbor is ALSO a bike commuter, so a couple of times a week (or, once, really) we’ve been doing our morning commute together.

This morning was a wee bit chilly. But I reasoned that the bike home would be better. And it was, if by better you mean light rain & cold wind.

I determined that there are a few things I need to be an all-weather bike commuter.

1. Pants. (Long bike pants – I wear shorts – I’m not one of these people)

2. Rain coat for my bike (I don’t want him, tentatively named Jorge, to get all cold & wet while he hangs out outside during the day).

3. Fender for my back tire, at least.

4. Balls. Just as I hate running early now that it’s dark, I’m hating the bike riding in the cold, wet dark. The ride actually wasn’t too bad, but I am such a pansy.

I am so cold now, and I’ve been home for almost an hour, procrastinating on my homework (some things never change).


PS -Any song suggestions to add to my marathon playlist?


  1. oh boy biking to work, seriously I admire the tenacity.

    let’s see what kind of music do you like? I’m a country girl so you probably won’t want my suggestions… but I like oldies like “Start Me Up” right at the beginning

  2. I am a total cheeseball…but when I wanted to sweat during workouts (notice past tense – because the only sweating I’m doing these days is from putting my pants and shoes on) I would listen to a combo of Kanye West, Jay Z, Tribe Called Quest, Wu Tang Clan, DJ Kool…feel free to berate me! I like the bass in the songs. I also like Miss New Booty by Bubba Sparxxx (because you’re working out…and you’ll get a nice new booty). Oh, also some oldies, like the Gap Band, early Michael Jackson (Rock with You, PYT).

    You rock! Bike safe. I worry about you and TAO with some of these crazy drivers.

  3. Ha! I totally drafted a bike commute post yesterday but didn’t finish because I was ripped away from my computer to go on a New Season’s soup run!

    I like White stripes, Bright eyes and Amy Winehouse when i run races. You should raid our music selection Wednesday before you go!

  4. I’m no help in motivating you to bike commute (eeek – sounds scary to me) and my contribution to the play list might be equally dismal. Since I can’t race with my iPod (tri’s!) I only listen to music every once in a while – but it totally cracks me up when my mix switches from some Nine Inch Nails thing I don’t even know the name of to MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This”. If I’m trudging, the wacked out juxtaposition lightens my mood. But my all time favorite running song is Sisters of Mercy’s “Temple of Love”. It suits my pace and keeps me going strong. Will you print your final mix list? I’d love to see it.

  5. You’re lucky you can bike to work! I’d need to bike through the Holland Tunnel – so that probably wouldn’t work so well.

    Portland sounds nice, I love this time a year when it starts to get cold!

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