The Commute

I’ve been biking to work about 50% of the time this month. Partially because every September Portland has a ‘bike-to-work’ challenge, and you can log your miles & challenge your friends & win prizes and stuff. And partially because it’s just as fast as taking the bus (sometimes faster) and good exercise. It’s about a 20 mile round trip ride for me (depending on the route I take), and although I seldom average more than 12-13 mph due to stop lights & traffic & one VERY LARGE hill, it’s been good.

However, the best thing about bike commuting? My kick-ass neighbor is ALSO a bike commuter, so a couple of times a week (or, once, really) we’ve been doing our morning commute together.

This morning was a wee bit chilly. But I reasoned that the bike home would be better. And it was, if by better you mean light rain & cold wind.

I determined that there are a few things I need to be an all-weather bike commuter.

1. Pants. (Long bike pants – I wear shorts – I’m not one of these people)

2. Rain coat for my bike (I don’t want him, tentatively named Jorge, to get all cold & wet while he hangs out outside during the day).

3. Fender for my back tire, at least.

4. Balls. Just as I hate running early now that it’s dark, I’m hating the bike riding in the cold, wet dark. The ride actually wasn’t too bad, but I am such a pansy.

I am so cold now, and I’ve been home for almost an hour, procrastinating on my homework (some things never change).


PS -Any song suggestions to add to my marathon playlist?

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