My Apologies
My Apologies

My Apologies

To basically everyone I know.

I have sucked this past month. I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever had a consecutive 30-day period that was this hard on me. The stars aligned to bring me the most stressful month of work, a stressful month of school, and the last month of marathon training all at the same time.

I am fairly certain I did not handle it well.

I am usually pretty reliable & not very flaky, but the combination of stressors (yes, I’m making excuses) have caused that to turn into “usually pretty reliable & not very flaky.”

I like to think that I can deal well with the stressors in my life, and honestly I do okay a lot of the time, but this was not that time.

So – kick ass neighbors + PBR runner/brunchers – so sorry for Sunday. That was super lame of me, and you should all throw (very small) rocks at me. Also kick-ass neighbor the younger, I am mildly sorry about skipping our bike commute this morning, but the extra 1.5 hours of sleep seemed like a good idea at the time.

Anyone that’s called me & not had a call returned (relatives, friends, telemarketers) – I’m sorry ’bout that.

And anyone who now realizes that I can’t hold my liquor the way I could 10 years & 80 lbs ago – sorry to you guys, too. I’m not usually a hot mess!

I am hoping that this time next week, I will be a much more relaxed, stress-free individual who doesn’t have dreams that involve the following (all in one dream).

  1. Losing my running shoes
  2. Having a race start 2 hours early
  3. Having to do the swim portion of a triathlon naked
  4. Having to skip the bike portion of a tri- to fix a budget spreadsheet with multiple errors
  5. Having to run to Milwaukee because I missed my plane
  6. Accidentally pooping my pants right before the marathon
  7. Getting lost on my way to the start line
  8. Getting an “F” in my writing course, which was announced by the race director right before the start of the marathon
  9. Having the architect divorce me at the finish line because I didn’t make my goal time

Between the triathlon, the run to Wisconsin, the marathon, and my subsequent divorce, it was a very busy dream, no wonder I was so tired this morning.

So – please don’t hate me. I promise to be a better friend next week.

And y’all are invited over for Turkey-Day dinner. For reals. Let me know if you’re interested.


  1. Katie A.

    Don’t worry! Friends will always be there and so will the blogging community! Plus, I am certin, the stars will all align come race day and you will do some major ass kicking! 🙂 Have a better week!

  2. If I really didn’t like you I would have punched you in the face for ditching us on Sunday so consider me not punching you in the face a compliment! 🙂

    Everyone has bad days and months. (I am sure you will see me through a few.) So don’t worry about it!

    As for the thon: you are going to kick ass and the best thing about that is that you are probably not going to accidently poop your pants at the start line either!

  3. Give yourself a break. Anybody who knows you and loves you will understand. Thanks for the laugh about the annoucer announcing your F. I’ll probably have a dream about that tonight now.

    Hang in there girlie!!!

  4. I just hope you’re surviving this crazy busy time! I think we all understand when people suddenly have everything thrown at them.

    Dreams about stuff like that are the WORST. Especially if they involve work. gah.

  5. Justin

    Most things are forgotten and most everything else can be forgiven. Denying me Mexican rice pudding may not fall into either of those categories! 🙂 Sorry, it has been such a stressful month. You’ll be riding high after the marathon and the next month will be great. True happy ending to the story: I will get my rice pudding some day.

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