Weekend update – were you looking for me?

This week’s top search terms:

  1. “bra””too small” – that can be a serious problem! Get thee to a Nordstrom’s & get fitted post haste! Unless you really want your cups to run over – which honestly, not attractive. EVER!
  2. most challenged books of 208 -that is an excellent question. I’m not sure there were a lot of books to be challenged in 208. Printing press not yet invented, most people couldn’t read or write. Let me know what you find out, though, okay? (And hey – it’s banned books week next week, so if you’re interested in some of the most challenged books in this day & age, go here.)
  3. porno?ow – yeah, sometimes I have that reaction, too. I remember the very first time I ever saw a porn flick (just kidding mom & dad, I’ve never seen anything with a higher rating than PG-13) – and I know I had my head cocked (hee) at like a 90 degree angle saying, “Really? I don’t think so. That has got to HURT!” So I completely understand your reaction.
  4. crack.com lists – I like to make lists sometimes, but that would be a gazellesoncrack.com list. Maybe not what you’re looking for. But I think my lists are probably better than ones about actual crack.
  5. “regina hyman” – hee. I had to call her once. And she corrected my pronunciation (I went with the safer Ruh-GEE-nuh; that wasn’t right).
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