I was going to do a heart-warming post today about how I learned a new swimming stroke and have been good about icing, then invite your castigation for skipping my PT exercises last night & having a beer instead, and then skipped my morning run because it was DARK, but I have more important news.

My bike, my beloved Trixie, has been kidnapped.

We think it happened sometime this morning while the architect was driving me to work. Which means they were WATCHING us.

The bike was (unfortunately) living on my front porch, although she was chained to the porch itself. She had spent some time in the castle, and had spiders and ick in her. Although I was willing to ride her, I was not yet willing to bring her inside where she could spread her cooties to the other bikes. She was quarantined, due to my mild aversion to spiders.

Her lock was cut through & abandoned, and Trixie and the super expensive saddle have disappeared.

On the advice of my kick-ass neighbors, I am watching Craigslist like a hawk. And angry, angry hawk.

The worst part of all of this? Besides the anger-eating that led to TWO cookies? Neither the architect nor I can find any pictures of Trixie. I have pics of my road bike, but none of my beloved Trixie. How did that happen? Maybe she felt unloved and ran away! I never bought her special pedals, or took her to races, and I did leave her in the castle for almost two years.

So sad.

Here is a picture of a close personal relative of Trixie’s – the 2005 Trek 3700. (found the pic on a stolen bike site – awesome, right?)

Again, at the suggestion of my kick-ass neighbors, I may need this shirt.

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