Training Goals 8/24 – 8/30
Training Goals 8/24 – 8/30

Training Goals 8/24 – 8/30

Recap from 8/17 – 8/23

Monday – Swim lessons with the Ambitious One. This is not likely to exacerbate my groin pull. – SUCCESS! And I LOVE swimming lessons. Seriously she is a GREAT swim coach!

Tuesday – Bike to work – Partial SUCCESS! I did not ride to work, but I did do an 11.5 mile ride AFTER work. YAY!

Wednesday – rest – SUCCESS! Yay! 🙂

Thursday – easy AM run (not more than 3 miles), PM yoga – After my realization that I am a 3 miles/week runner, and shouldn’t do two days in a row, at least not for a while, I made the decision to drop my Thursday am run. And then, I missed my yoga class due to a tomato emergency that caused me to lose track of time.

Friday – easy run, if Thursday’s is successful, not more than 5 miles; if I’m sore, swim instead – I did run – about 2.25 miles. And it did hurt. But I did it!

Saturday – easy bike – I decided that I wanted to hit the pool for my swimming homework, so I did that instead of the bike. I really tried to take it easy this week, easing back into my previous exercise levels slowly, instead of going all gung ho & then injuring myself again. Plus, as a bonus, I ran into her at the pool as I was leaving, which is always fun!

Sunday – long run; 14-17 miles, depending on how I feel. – I planned on 15. I did 10 with her and her and her. I think I’m okay with that. After my run (and lunch and shower), the architect & I went over to help some friends who are leaving me following a great opportunity in another city pack up their moving van. I had some soreness during the end of the run (hence my decision to just call it good at 10), and some soreness during the carrying of boxes, but I feel fine now.

I’ve been icing every day, and am ready to start doing my PT exercises tomorrow (three days/week on non-run days).

This week (8/24-8/30)

Monday: swimming lessons, PT exercises (squats, lunges, band pull thingies, hopscotch), foam roll & ice

Tuesday: five easy miles in the morning, easy bike in the evening, foam roll & ice

Wednesday: bike to work, possible post-work swim, PT exercises (wall squats, hamstring bridges, reverse lunges, hopping drill), foam roll & ice

Thursday: rest/yoga day, foam roll & ice

Friday: trail run – 6-8 miles, depending on leg; swim, foam roll & ice

Saturday: long bike (which, at this point, will likely be about 20 miles), PT exercises (one-legged squats, lunges, clock exercises, the stupid jumpy thing), foam roll & ice

Sunday: long run (15-17 miles), foam roll & ice

Feel free to yell at me if I don’t do my exercises, foam rolling & icing.

In addition, I am going to take my vitamins/supplements each day this week, and no drinking of alcoholic beverages Monday-Wednesday. In theory. 🙂


  1. Alisa

    Definitely continue to pay attention to your leg! When it hurts stop =). I think icing and foam rollering will also help. I know stretching and yoga really help me and I should do them more often =).

    I think yesterday was a good run (other than the bathroom issue), I’m glad you didn’t try to push yourself too much. Also, next weekend, I’ll try to help not let JM turn it in early, hehe! We’ll have to promise her a big bloody mary and breakfast after =).

  2. I think Monday-Wednesday is reasonable 🙂

    That’s great you were able to run 10 miles on sunday!! There is lots of promise there. I love all your cross training. I’m sure you leg likes it too. Good luck this week!

  3. it was cool running into you guys! i was so tempted to cut my run short and run back with you. i can’t really yell at you for not foam rolling, etc b/c i have been SO bad about that myself :-S

  4. I had a good time with you guys Sunday! I think I will try to follow your not drinking till Thursday plan too! So far it’s working because drinking doesn’t really sound that fun when you are home with a fever. ( :

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