not sure if the run was a success….
not sure if the run was a success….

not sure if the run was a success….

Yesterday, the architect & I headed out for my first run since pulling that silly muscle over a week and a half ago.  About 1/2 mile into the run, I had to slow to a walk, because it HURT. It didn’t hurt to walk, so sped up again. At that point, I was about in tears (more from frustration than pain), and told the architect to finish the run without me. I was going home.

I turned and walked towards home. Then I walked a little faster. Then I jogged. I could feel the muscle, but it wasn’t painful. So I kept going. I knew at this point I wouldn’t be able to catch the architect (I certainly wasn’t interested in turning my first recovery run into speedwork), but I also had our housekeys, so I didn’t want to just wander off & leave him locked out, so I crossed my fingers that he was going to do the same loop he & I usually do together, and ran to intercept. Other than a brief pause for traffic when doing a street crossing, I jogged for the next 1.5 miles. My first mile (with all the walking) came in at about a 12 minute mile. My second was 10:45 – just where I want to be for my slow/easy runs. I took a 0.1 mile break at mile 2, and then jogged for another little bit with the architect.

My total mileage yesterday was 2.25 miles in about 25 minutes. I could’ve gone further, I think, but I didn’t want to push it too much. My leg was pretty sore last night, though. However, the pain has been getitng lower & lower – and now is 100% in my knee – the same knee that I injured last year. The knee that gave me problems off & on all last fall & winter. The knee that maybe, just maybe, I stopped doing my PT exercises for a few months ago after I declared myself cured.

So – it’s not breaking news that I’m a dumbass – we covered that earlier this week – but I think my PT was right when she said “run three days a week & do those damn exercises for the rest of your running life”. Today I’m going to go dig out all those exercises & start adding them back to my routine.

Tomorrow, I’m going to try to run 15 miles. I will, however, walk if there’s pain. My plan right now is to run the first 5 without stopping & then do a 0.9/0.1 run/walk for the last 10.  Also, I definitely need to pay  more attention to warming up before starting running – that is something I always used to do, but have lately stopped doing. When I walk 1/4 – 1/2 mile before running, things usually work better.

So – today is a swim & a bike (leaving soon for the pool – I have homework!) and then stretching & icing. I’m just hoping that I can recover from my own idiocy and still have a good marathon. In six weeks. ACK!


  1. Just when you think it’s safe to go back in the water…I remember doing those PT exercises and wondering when it was ‘safe’ to stop doing them. I’m sorry your dealing with this shit now. You should blame yourself though and you certainly not an idiot because you wanted to push yourself and improve. Do you remember the exact time that it happened? Maybe it was non-running related anyways? Sounds like you already have a game plan which is SMART! If it were me, I’d be a REAL dumbass and just play the denial card and keep going like nothing happened until I ended up back in the PT’s office.

    Good luck girl. Don’t get discouraged.

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