The Good, the Bad & the Fun!

The good – I ran a great 5 miles last night. It was super fantastic. I felt strong, had no leg/knee pain (just some initial stiffness). I did my 5 mile Terwilliger loop (i.e. hills) and finished in 57 minutes (I feel okay with an 11:26 pace on those hills – I know I was much faster on the flats/downs of course).

The bad – in addition to my bike getting stolen yesterday, when I got back to work after my run, I found out that my hallway gets locked at 6:30 PM. I got back at 6:32 PM. I had a key to my office but not my passcard to the hallway (I used to run with it, but it got sweaty). I finally found a friendly janitor who let me in, so I finally got my stuff & got to go home.

The fun – BREW REVIEW!  WOO!  So – This Friday, August 28, we will be having QUITE the crew showing up at the Lucky Lab Beer Hall (1945 NW Quimby). The architect & I will plan to show up shortly after four to try to snag some spots for the giant group!

Tonight is going to be a super intense homework night. This is the last week of my 2nd class, and I have my final project due Friday. Tomorrow night is not going to be a good homework night, so I have today & Friday pre-beer to hammer it out. So – wish me luck! (I will also be doing my PT exercises tonight during breaks from the writing.)

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