Track Tuesday

After a bizarre yesterday (woke up all dizzy, nauseated & disoriented), I took another day off to rest, and got right back into the running this morning with a fantastic track workout.

The plan:

1 mile each warm & cool (goal pace for warm/cool & rest intervals between 11 & 11:30)
4×800 with 1 minute rest intervals. 800 goal = between 4:20 & 4:30
2 minute rest after last 800
4×400 with 1 minute rest intervals. 400 goal = 2:00

The actuality:

Warm-up = 1 mile @ 12:41 (not sure what happened here…that is SLOW!)

800#1 = 4:06 (8:13 pace)
RI#1 = 417.4′ (12:39 pace)
800#2 = 4:23 (8:47 pace)
RI#2 = 407.1′ (12:58 pace)
800#3 = 4:28 (8:57 pace)
RI#3 = 365.8′ (14:26 pace)
800#4 = 4:16 (8:33 pace)
2 minute rest = .16 mile (12:42 pace)

400#1 = 2:01 (8:06 pace)
RI#1 = 400.1′ (13:12 pace)
400#2 = 2:04 (8:17 pace)
RI#2 = 368.2′ (14:20 pace)
400#3 = 2:04 (8:19 pace not sure why this 2:04 400 was slower than the last one….Leo’s ways are mysterious)
RI#3 = 396.2′ (13:20 pace)
400#4 = 1:52 (7:31 pace)

Cool down 1 mile @ 11:32

Total: 5.6 miles in 57:31 (10:16 pace). Leo says I burned 666 calories! Yay me! I am the devil! 🙂

The worst part is that I’d set up Leo to tell me when to switch between intervals & rest. And I’d set my goal pace for the hard runs at “Run” on my Garmin. Well, apparently my custom settings were no longer in place, so I kept getting “speed up” noises from Leo during my 800s, and I was feeling so slow & tortoise-y. Well, Leo has the “run” pace to be between 7 & 9 minute miles, and since I wanted between 4:20 – 4:30 for my 800s, well, that’s right about a 9 minute mile. so I actually was doing pretty well, but it made me tense. When I ignored it, I came in right where I wanted to be, so I think I was doing a pretty good job of feeling how fast I needed to run. My 400s were pretty consistent, too, right? Go me!

One thing I need to do is either a) go faster on my rest intervals or b) re-evaluate how fast my rest intervals should be. I jogged them all, but obviously my jog on a few was more of a speedy senior citizen shuffle.  Thoughts? Advice? How fast do you do your rest intervals? Should I even care how slow they were? Or should I just jog slowly enough so that my breathing steadies before the next speed interval? Should I start wearing my heart rate monitor?


However, I do feel super fantastic. Seriously. It’s been almost 3 hours since I finished, and I still have a great runner’s high. I kind of love everyone right now.

11 responses to “Track Tuesday

  1. I am a fan of using a HRM to determine your recovery pace. And congrats on that 7:31 pace for the last 400!

    • I may have to pull the HRM back out of the drawer. It was chafing something terrible, but maybe it’s worth it for track workouts at the least.

  2. Sounds like some speedy intervals. I don’t do them very often, so I’m no help on your questions.

    • I’m guessing your intervals could be faster – I checked out your blog! You’re pretty fast! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Speedwork gives me the best runners high! I can’t belive you actually felt “slow and tortise-y”. You were running those intervals faster than I run mine. hello 7:31 pace!

    I don’t jog the RI. I stop and rest for a specified period of time. Usually it’s :45 seconds in between intervals and ~2:00 in between sets. I really try to obey these RI times strictly. The only time I falter is if it’s excruciatingly hot.

    Good job lady!

    • I only felt slow & tortoise-y because my body said “wow, this is fast!” and my garmin said “speed up, pokey mcpokerson.”

      Next time I will listen to my body, and not so much the garmin.

  4. I’m not the track work expert but I think the idea of an RI is just that to recover. So sometimes that might mean senior citizen shuffle and other times only a middle aged shuffle. HAHA, I crack myself up.

    Looks like a great workout. Might copy it =) which would really be copying from Kristen right?! =)

    • More or less copied from Kristen – my track workout guru! 🙂

      It was a good workout – I really liked it. I think next time I will add in the circuit, too.

      I think I will also extend my rest intervals. I did a lot of reading about interval workouts yesterday, and many sources say that your RI should be at least half the time that your actual interval was. So – for 4:30 800s, rest 2:15, etc. Of course yassos have their RIs set for the same amount of time….I think I just wasn’t resting quite long enough.

  5. i keep going back and forth on the rest intervals. Some i slow down to a 6.2 on the treadmill, sometimes i’ll go all the way down to walking a 3.8 speed. usually i’ll jog one, then walk one

    • I think I’ll lengthen them – I pulled the RI times off someone else’s workout (Kristen, above) and she stops complete b/w intervals – not something I want to do. I definitely need to keep moving, or I might give up & stopp altogether 🙂

  6. awesomeeeee intervals!!! i just run really slow, more like jog during the rest portion, let my breathing catch up 🙂