Someone – please talk me down

So, you may or may not remember that I became a triathlete about four days ago.  I can’t recall if I mentioned it here or not.

Other things that you may not be aware of because you have more to your life than remembering my race schedules. I am doing a marathon on October 4 of this year.  Also, I am in grad school (day 3 or class #2!). And I have a job. And a husband. And friends with whom I occasionally like to hang out with.

So. Please tell me that I absolutely cannot do another triathlon in September.  I do not have time. Seriously. Not even for a little one.


In other news, I rode my bike to work today for the first time in over a year.  I stopped last summer due to torn hamstring & knee problems. Then when that was all better, it was cold & rainy. Now, since May, I’ve had a parking spot, and no way was I going to not park in the spot for which I was paying to ride my bike! That was expensive! On my vacation days, I contemplated driving to the parking lot & parking, just for a while, to get my money’s worth. Now, I no longer have parking. So today, I girded my loins & headed out on the bike. It took 44 minutes to get ride the 9.4 miles to work. (Another 15 or so to get to my building, lock up my bike & change clothes.)  I did not remember to pack all the necessary clothes.  That makes me sad. But, it does amuse my office mate (I shared the story with her – I’m a giver that way).

It’s actually a pretty decent ride – bike lanes & waterfront the whole way. There are a couple sketchy spots where I’m riding next to trucks going 55 mph & having to cross the car lane so I don’t end up on the freeway, but it’s mostly an easy ride.

Afterwork, I’m headed downtown. If I have time, I’ll hit the gym for a few laps before meeting my new classmates for dinner. That’s right – I’m having dinner with three strange men I’ve never met before. I am a risk taker! And I like Indian food!

Other exciting news, I am taking swimming lessons starting next Monday! I am so pumped. It’s pretty cool to have knowledgeable friends & stuff. I’d love to pay it forward, but am not sure I have any useful skills like that. Unless you want to learn how to can. Or braid garlic. Or something like that.

So – to recap.

1. Help! Talk me down!

2. Still working out.

3. Biked to work.

4. Learning to swim better.

5. Only useful skill = gardening.

7 responses to “Someone – please talk me down

  1. Haha, you are too funny. Look at your race schedule for next year, lots of Tri’s plenty of time to indulge that obsession.

    Awesome that you biked to work-go you!

    Monday lessons! I was reading up a little on some drills I can work on with you. Also, in one lesson, you should have the basic skills for breast stroke- no problemo!

  2. talk you down? I say go for it! i didn’t see a date from that link, but as long as it’s at least 2 weeks before the marathon have fun with it. and stick to the sprint distance. the olympic is certainly more than you want to bite off right now. i only say that because I took 4 months to train to run an oly and a marathon 6 days apart. there’s no way i could have done it in september.

    do it. do it. do it. do it.

  3. just say no and step away from the registration.

    wow I would love to get to the point where I could ride to work..really i suck at biking, so I’ll start working on that!

  4. DO IT!!! triathlons are addicting 🙂

  5. LOL i am NOT talking you out of anything, supergirl. i’m just looking forward to reading the recap 😉

  6. well…I say DO IT!!!!! haha I am doing mine the weekend before my marathon on Oct 4th 🙂 however, you also don’t want to get overwhelmed and feel over your maybe just keep it in the back of your head and sign up once it gets closer.

    I wish I could ride a bike to owrk, but it’s too far 🙁

  7. LOL at considering driving to work on days off…gotta keep that parking space on its toes.

    I wish I could ride my bike to work but in NY I’m sure I’d get hit by a cab in, oh, 10 seconds flat.