Someone – please talk me down

So, you may or may not remember that I became a triathlete about four days ago.  I can’t recall if I mentioned it here or not.

Other things that you may not be aware of because you have more to your life than remembering my race schedules. I am doing a marathon on October 4 of this year.  Also, I am in grad school (day 3 or class #2!). And I have a job. And a husband. And friends with whom I occasionally like to hang out with.

So. Please tell me that I absolutely cannot do another triathlon in September.  I do not have time. Seriously. Not even for a little one.


In other news, I rode my bike to work today for the first time in over a year.  I stopped last summer due to torn hamstring & knee problems. Then when that was all better, it was cold & rainy. Now, since May, I’ve had a parking spot, and no way was I going to not park in the spot for which I was paying to ride my bike! That was expensive! On my vacation days, I contemplated driving to the parking lot & parking, just for a while, to get my money’s worth. Now, I no longer have parking. So today, I girded my loins & headed out on the bike. It took 44 minutes to get ride the 9.4 miles to work. (Another 15 or so to get to my building, lock up my bike & change clothes.)  I did not remember to pack all the necessary clothes.  That makes me sad. But, it does amuse my office mate (I shared the story with her – I’m a giver that way).

It’s actually a pretty decent ride – bike lanes & waterfront the whole way. There are a couple sketchy spots where I’m riding next to trucks going 55 mph & having to cross the car lane so I don’t end up on the freeway, but it’s mostly an easy ride.

Afterwork, I’m headed downtown. If I have time, I’ll hit the gym for a few laps before meeting my new classmates for dinner. That’s right – I’m having dinner with three strange men I’ve never met before. I am a risk taker! And I like Indian food!

Other exciting news, I am taking swimming lessons starting next Monday! I am so pumped. It’s pretty cool to have knowledgeable friends & stuff. I’d love to pay it forward, but am not sure I have any useful skills like that. Unless you want to learn how to can. Or braid garlic. Or something like that.

So – to recap.

1. Help! Talk me down!

2. Still working out.

3. Biked to work.

4. Learning to swim better.

5. Only useful skill = gardening.

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