Yay! I Didn’t Drown!

After a morning of failed garage saling with my kick-ass neighbor, I suited up in my fancy tri-suit for my first open water swim. I met the Ambitious One & Mr. Pi at Blue Lake, and after a bit of chatting, we got in. We swam 3 “laps” along the back swim area boundary, and practiced sighting & navigating around children. 🙂 I felt a lot more comfortable in the water than I had anticipated, and that makes me happy. It felt harder than laps in the pool, but I really had a good time – which just goes to show me that I’m definitely an outdoor person. I hate the gym, and have decided that I will be doing more lake swimming now!

After the swim, I hopped on my road bike (I’d rather ride that during the tri, but it has issues – so I was giving it a go) and road 6.2 miles. I averaged 13 mph on my ride, even including the 3 miles into the Marine Drive headwind. After I got my bike back in my car, I went out for a quick run. Since I took an unscheduled detour yesterday during my run, and since I have 14 miles planned for tomorrow, that would have left me at 29.7 miles for the week – and I really want that 30! So I went out for a .3 mile run! My legs felt dead, and I felt like I was running through molasses, I was so slow! I was starting to feel a bit warmer by the time I quit (I’m not a super overachiever – I went exactly 0.3 miles!), and my pace was a not-too-shabby 9:20 for that very, very brief run.

I was super thirsty after all this – it’s still pretty warm here in Portland (although not as bad as it has been), and we got started about 1:30 this afternoon.

Overall, I’m feeling a LOT better about my upcoming triathlon (in two weeks!) and even starting to think about next year – and longer tris….

I hope you’re have as good a weekend as I am! I’m off to do some homework now, and then head down to the Jazz Festival.

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