Yay! I Didn’t Drown!

After a morning of failed garage saling with my kick-ass neighbor, I suited up in my fancy tri-suit for my first open water swim. I met the Ambitious One & Mr. Pi at Blue Lake, and after a bit of chatting, we got in. We swam 3 “laps” along the back swim area boundary, and practiced sighting & navigating around children. 🙂 I felt a lot more comfortable in the water than I had anticipated, and that makes me happy. It felt harder than laps in the pool, but I really had a good time – which just goes to show me that I’m definitely an outdoor person. I hate the gym, and have decided that I will be doing more lake swimming now!

After the swim, I hopped on my road bike (I’d rather ride that during the tri, but it has issues – so I was giving it a go) and road 6.2 miles. I averaged 13 mph on my ride, even including the 3 miles into the Marine Drive headwind. After I got my bike back in my car, I went out for a quick run. Since I took an unscheduled detour yesterday during my run, and since I have 14 miles planned for tomorrow, that would have left me at 29.7 miles for the week – and I really want that 30! So I went out for a .3 mile run! My legs felt dead, and I felt like I was running through molasses, I was so slow! I was starting to feel a bit warmer by the time I quit (I’m not a super overachiever – I went exactly 0.3 miles!), and my pace was a not-too-shabby 9:20 for that very, very brief run.

I was super thirsty after all this – it’s still pretty warm here in Portland (although not as bad as it has been), and we got started about 1:30 this afternoon.

Overall, I’m feeling a LOT better about my upcoming triathlon (in two weeks!) and even starting to think about next year – and longer tris….

I hope you’re have as good a weekend as I am! I’m off to do some homework now, and then head down to the Jazz Festival.

5 responses to “Yay! I Didn’t Drown!

  1. i’ve gotta disagree–you ARE a super overachiever. your run/swim/bike stats look awesome!
    p.s. noticed the onion in your sidebar. love that. the delicacy monkey article is one of my all time favorites.

  2. Jazz festival?! I missed it.

    Great job on the swim!! And bike. I think you are definitely ready for the triathlon. How exciting!

  3. I knew you would love it. Totally agree with being an outdoor person. I mean there’s only so many spin classes and flip turns a gril can handle. I’m glad you were so much more comfortable than you thoght you would be.

    .3 miles — you have a sickness 😉

  4. Haha, I love that you ran that .3! Great job on the 30 mile week. I think even during my marathon training I hit over 30 only a few times. You’re going to kick ass in training and on race day! As I’ve said before, you are so inspiring.

    You did great in the lake too. I sent you an appt for Wednesday the 29th, we should see if Zach and Jen are going.

  5. awesome job on the swim!!! all you open water swimmers are WAY braver than i am 🙂