Training Goals: 7/20 – 7/26

7/13 – 7/19, 2009 Recap

Monday: Weights + Elliptical. – Partial Success. Due to school constraints, I only got about 30 minutes of strength in & no cardio.

Tuesday: Either hill repeats or track. – Partial Success – I did a 3 mile track workout + 2 mile walk

Wednesday: PM bike ride + short weight circuit. – Complete Fail. Due to traffic + school, I did not have time for a workout on Wednesday.

Thursday: Optional AM 3 mile run + PM yoga – Complete Success – I did a 4 mile run + PM yoga

Friday: swim (1200+ yds) + trail run – Complete Success – 1200 yd swim + 8.7 mile trail run

Saturday: swim/bike brick – potentially an open water swim. – Complete Success: 15ish minute open water swim followed by 6.2 mile bike followed by 0.3 mile run.

Sunday: long run – 14 miles  – Complete Success – 14 miles in 2:19 or so.  My garmin got turned off at some point, and I lost some miles/time so am piecing together the first 10.25 miles from JM’s records (10.25 miles in 1:39 or so – FAST!) and the last 3.75 miles from my own records (39:55 – not as fast). Overall pace of approximately 9:56. I would just like to point out that Sunday’s long training run of 14 miles was more than 6 minutes faster than my first half marathon RACE. Am suddenly feeling like a rock star. A rock star that ate too much pizza Sunday afternoon. 🙂

This week was a fantastic week for me. For the first time EVER, I had a 30 mile week. I also completed my first open water swim, and had a great brick on Saturday. Although I have one failed workout day, most days were better than planned, and I’m feeling really strong and fast.

I just want to throw some major props to my workout friends who not only run further than they planned but also to those that are major inspirations! I love you guys and wouldn’t be nearly as dedicated if it wasn’t for you. Love you PBRs!

July 20 – July 26, 2009 (edited a bit Monday afternoon)

Monday: strength/elliptical – same old, same old

Tuesday: AM tempo run (5 miles) + PM bike

Wednesday: AM swim (*fingers crossed*) + PM yoga in the park (North Park blocks, 6:30, by the elephants – be there or be sucktastic)

Thursday: AM easy run (3 miles) + PM regular yoga

Friday: swim (1300 yds) + trail run (8 miles)

Saturday: open water swim + bike

Sunday: long run (15 miles)

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