Corn Chronicles! Friday Update!

First – the corn. I was concerned for a while during the past week, because the corn children were starting to look like a bunch of unwashed hippy women who don’t share their ‘pits, but things are starting to work themselves out, and instead of just silk protruding, there are actual ears of corn showing now!

Ulysses is still the the tallest, although Carrie & Amy are right up there, too!

The tallest corns are too tall for me to measure accurately anymore, but I think they’re right around 7 feet tall now – about 14-15 inches taller than last week! They are still growing!

James is tasseling, finally, but still not growing very tall. He is 40 inches now – which is 9″ more than last week, so maybe I shouldn’t criticize!

The corns are getting all crazy, starting to have ‘real relationships’ and are less moody than before. Many of them are filling out college applications, although a couple are eying trade school instead, and a couple (Kelly & Meredith, notably) have talked about moving to Hollywood to become film stars. Although that isn’t the path I would’ve chosen for them, I certainly don’t want to squash their dreams!

ha ha ha – see what I did there? squash? ha? I slay me!

In other garden news, we’ve been eating well: green beans, zucchini, summer squash, onions, garlic, potatoes and one pepper.

The black beans are nearly ready for harvest – which is pretty exciting! The broccoli is done for now, I think, but I’m getting ready to plant for fall harvest soon, and may put in some more.

We have a lot of tomatoes. I am so excited!

There are also quite a few pumpkins & squashes! Including this monster:

The mustard is just starting to go to seed – which is great. I need to get a mortar & pestle so that I can grind the seeds up!

I have such grand plans for next year – I can hardly wait 🙂 Here are some more pictures of this year’s though!

And now for my Friday workout report (I know that’s the most interesting EVER, right?)

So – I got going pretty early this morning and was proud of myself! I left home shortly after 8 and hit the pool. I swam 1200 yds, but wasn’t paying attention to time today. I wasn’t going hard at all, since I am planning an open water swim tomorrow with her & her.

After I finished up at the pool, I struggled into my running gear (it takes forever to wrangle a couple of sports bras when I’m still damp from the pool) and headed out to the trails.

I had a 7.4 mile loop planned. I started up Saltzman from the gate, and turned right on Maple Trail. After a while, Maple runs into Leif Erickson, and I ran back to Saltzman from there, and then turned right on Saltzman again & ran up to Wildwood. I went left on Wildwood for about 3 miles or so to the Maple Trail connector, and then Maple Trail down to Leif Erickson again. I was supposed to continue on Maple back to Saltzman & then back to the car, but I just couldn’t do it! The trails were super webby today, and I was about 3 spiders away from a meltdown. I turned and ran back on Leif Erickson to Saltzman & back to my car.

Total miles: 8.7

Total time: 1:45 (12 minute miles, more or less…as per usual)

And – to the spiders of Forest Park. I am sincerely sorry about destroying 8 million homes and pantries today. I am sorry for the death of a couple dozen of your family members, and I regret taking some of your dinners. however, might I suggest not building homes, pantries, etc. across the trails? I’m sure they’re great places to hang out, catch food, shoot the shit, etc., but no one will believe your “the one that got away” story anyway, and I don’t like washing you out of my hair when I get home. THANKS so much.

Ahem….tomorrow I am garage saling with my kick-ass neighbor, and then hitting Blue Lake for my swim and a bike.

I also have a shit-ton of homework to do this weekend, so will spend the rest of the day on that.

Sunday I’m doing my long run in Beaverton – 14 miles. It will be my longest intentional mileage ever (JM & I did end up doing 15 a few months ago, but that was an accident…)

In about an hour, I’ll be at Laurelwood for my Brew Review – hope to see you there!

AND – don’t forget. Wednesday July 22 – yoga in the park! North Park Blocks by the elephants – 6:30 PM!

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