Pleasantly Sore
Pleasantly Sore

Pleasantly Sore

Last night, between traffic & school obligations, I didn’t have as much time as usual for my Monday night strength training. I went a little faster & a little harder, but didn’t get everything in I usually do. However, for some reason, my chest & shoulders are really sore today. I think that might be because I did 1/3 of a pull-up! Oh yeah, eventually I will get there. I still have 5.5 months left in this year to hit my “be able to do one pull-up” goal.

Post-work, I’m headed out for a hilly 5-6 miles, and, if I’m feeling as motivated as I am now, I might stop at the gym and do a few laps.

Work is super busy the next couple of weeks, as is school – my first big project is due 7/26, so posting may be light.

I did want to make a couple of announcements though.

  1. Next Brew Review – Laurelwood Public House in NW (on Kearney & 23rd). July 17. Happy hour runs from 3 – 6; the architect & I will likely be there about 4:30. Please let me know if you plan on showing up so we can save a space for you.
  2. Free yoga! My (incredibly pregnant, yet still awesome) yoga teacher is going to be doing some free “yoga in the park” sessions over the next couple of months. The first free yoga in the park will be Wednesday, July 22 at 6:30 PM (I think – I’ll get confirmation Thursday). It will be in the North Park blocks by the elephant. Bring a yoga mat & water. The class is appropriate for all levels!


  1. Awesome – free pregnant yoga in the park. I’m in!!

    I got your post and YES, I would love to pick your brain on the garden. I think the previous owners are going to do a walkthru with us to explain what the heck is going on but I’d love to have your input as well. Come over whenever! I need to figure out how to use my composter that I inherited as well. I was going to do rain barrels but our garden has a sprinkler system in place already.

    I can’t wait to see the housewarming gift – yay! When are you doing the Burnt Bridge trail again? Maybe come out to Vancouver Lake for an OWS? Come to the Couv!

  2. Alisa

    DANG IT I’ll probably be out of town for the free yoga—next time I am so there.

    I think Justin already made plans to go to Bailey’s on Friday otherwise I know he loves Laurelwood. I’ll double check.

    I think we should take Emily up on her offer to visit the Couv and go OWS there. She could bestow some OWS tips!

  3. Man – I have plans on Friday with a recovering alcoholic lesbian otherwise I’d be there. OR if you have any other lesbians looking for a girlfriend – I’ll make Renee come with 🙂 Yoga – on the calendar!

  4. I’m laughing at the recovering alchohalic lesbian. Sounds like half my family.

    Anywhoo. Please send some motivation this way. Thank you very much.
    Where are you on your long runs???

    1. I’ve been doing my long runs on different (flattish) trails around the area – there are a lot to choose from, although NONE of them are near the beach 🙂

      My main motivation right now is to finish the marathon w/o dying, so I’m not sure how helpful I’ll be, since you already know that you can do that. I’m trying pretty hard not to think about the longer mileage (which starts this weekend), because then I get very, very scared. BUT – you are a running machine & will do a great, great job!

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