Today, I have to talk in front of a group of faculty members where I work. I am not a faculty member. I am a lowly peon with nothing more than a BA in English. These are PhDs in medical fields.

I do not like public speaking.

And to make things worse, I woke up this morning with the first gigantic zit I’ve had since I was about 13 years old. Yes, I am blessed with great skin. So glad that my face chose today to remind me how blessed I usually am.

My boss laughed at me when I suggested I might need a shot before going into the (only 15 minutes why am I freaking out) presentation, but I was serious. Mostly.

I am wearing my confidence shoes, though:

Wish me luck – and if I make it through I will tell you a story about my track workout yesterday, and then you can help me decide if the workout was a WIN or a FAIL.

Off to vomit from nerves now!


  1. Emily

    You’ll kill it! Next time take benadryl instead of a shot…it’ll calm you right down. I took someone’s advice and did this before an interview once and I almost fell asleep. Probably not a great idea. I have the same issues as you clearly!

  2. I loathe public speaking. Two jobs ago – when I took high school kids overseas – part of the job was LOTS of big talks. Given to hundreds of students. My first one started the world’s biggest panic attack that I’ve ever had. I’m talking crying my eyes out, hyperventilating in the office. It was ugly. And a dry summer – so no shots available. If you managed to not cry, you out did me!

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