3-2-1 CONTACT!
3-2-1 CONTACT!

3-2-1 CONTACT!

Did anyone else watch that show growing up? Do you now have the theme song stuck in your head?  ha ha ha! Sorry.

So – today’s post covers three things that I saw but didn’t photograph, 2 great workouts, and 1 thing that I saw and DID photograph.  Ooohh….fancy! 🙂

So – the three things I saw but didn’t photograph:

  1. Two men, in a boat, fishing….with bows & arrows. Gotta love the Couv, right?
  2. Two vultures, mid-meal….they were not pleased that I interrupted
  3. One homeless man, drinking beer from a sack at noon. I saw him finish the beer, then get up to throw it away (good job, homeless man). It was a microbrew. LOVE Portland.

Two great workouts.

Yesterday, I was to meet JM for a trail run. Before the trail run, I was gonna hit the pool. We are about to enter TMI territory, so cover your eyes.

Just before leaving for the pool, I decided that RIGHT NOW would be an excellent time to visit the restroom before leaving. And then, I felt it. That sensation that once it happens, you will never, ever forget. I had a UTI.

I skipped the pool. I drank a pitcher of cranberry juice. I decided that I could for sure do the run. The architect said, “I think you should stay home, you can’t stand erect.” I scoffed.

I drove to our meeting point. I thought I was going to die.

I visited the restroom there before JM showed up. She mentioned that I seemed concerned. I told her what was up. She, too, expressed reservations about my ability to run based on my inability to stand upright.

I conceded that she and the architect may be right, but I was really trying hard to exert mind over bladder (ha! even in pain, I make bad puns).

She said she would forgive me if for bailing on our run if I promised to blog about it and include an illustration of what I looked like when she saw me:

After I got home, I drank more water & cranberry juice. For reasons that shall remain unblogged, I also started doing shots of Pepto. I am a party monster, people!

I had a friend in town very briefly, and I really, really didn’t want to cancel on our happy hour. So I didn’t. I chugged cranberry on the way to Mint (thanks for the suggestions, people), and drank a LOT of water (and some yummy cocktails, of course) while there.

After the cocktails, I headed home. The architect had requested that I stop for some Thai food, so I did.

It was delicious – until I had a bad feeling. A bad “mushroom” feeling. It wasn’t too bad – likely someone just reused a knife or utensil or something. But it wasn’t good.

This morning, I woke up bright & early, determined to make my 9-10 miles with JM. We met at the Burnt Bridge Creek Park trail in Vancouver. It was very pretty, and very shady – and we’ll definitely be going back for some of our longer pre-marathon runs. We even managed to not get lost when the trail did a weird thing (a first for us).

We were both feeling a little off – due to post half marathon races & my crappy day yesterday, so we did more walking than usual. We ended up with 8 miles at just under an 11 minute mile. I’ll definitely take that!

I got home and ate (I hadn’t been able to get much down pre-run), and then started to feel all energetic again, so I headed out for a bike ride. I ended up with 13.3 miles in about an hour. My last 1.3 miles were through crowdedness, but before that, I was averaging 13.5-14 mph the whole time. It was pretty flat, with just a couple tiny rollers.

I’m feeling pretty damn good about my two workouts today!

And, finally – the one picture I did take:

I took this on my camera at Kelly Point – it’s amidsummer snow storm!

Or, you know, the cottonwoods are getting crazy – whatever!

I hope you all have a great weekend! I know Jen did! 5th in her age group at the Hagg Lake Olympic Tri! Way to go Jen!


  1. ok, yeah i totally have that song stuck in my head now. it was an awesome show!!! what about the bloodhound gang? classics. gah, the uti sucks. that was the worst pain i’ve ever felt. needless to say, i’ve never given birth, but still…

  2. Yikes. Sorry about the UTI. I’ve had one and it was horrible. I can’t belive you were going to run. Crazy girl. I’m glad you were able to get it in the next day though. Your a tough chica.

  3. Alisa

    Ugh UTI’s are the WORST! I can’t believe you did anything except sleep. You know about the little magic red pills right? They don’t cure it but they make the pain go away…if not, email me and I’ll enlighten you =).

    Great job on the Vancouver trail. Good thing I didn’t go, hamstring/groin prevented a long run for me this week. Oh well.

  4. Take care of the friggin UTI before it becomes a bladder infection and before that becomes a kidney infection.

    TRUST ME!!!!!!

    I am embarrassed to admit this has happened to me TWICE. And it was the worst sickness/pain I’ve ever experienced in my life. Usually takes a while for me and the docs to figure it out and by then I’ve been in bed with a 110* fever for 7 days and have lost 15 pounds and every bit of life has been sucked from my soul.

    Anyway…love to hear more about the Vancouver trail – I am right by that now! Next time you’re out here give me a shout.

    Guess what – I’m going to do GOALS this week! Watch me!

    1. hmmm….15 lb weight loss? How bad could it be? 🙂

      The trail was pretty! And apparently 8 miles one way, so I’ll definitely be revisiting again. And, if you give me a 50 minute headstart, maybe we could finish at the same time & have brunch together.

      Can’t wait to see your goals this week.

  5. If Emily lost 15 pounds that could be disastrous.

    Also seen and not photographed – deer on trail, and cute dude with dog!

    Thanks for posting the picture of the not standing person. Although you were more bent sideway like trying to pinch your bladder into behaving. Just sayin

    1. Agreed – Emily probably shouldn’t lose 15 lbs. I, on the other hand, could. Don’t necessarily NEED to, but it wouldn’t be the same kind of disaster!

      I saw a deer last night on my way home & remembered our Saturday deer. I had, however, completely forgotten the cute guy. 🙁

      I looked & looked for a picture more representative of how I was standing, but that’s the best I could do. I know it really isn’t quite right!

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