3-2-1 CONTACT!

Did anyone else watch that show growing up? Do you now have the theme song stuck in your head?  ha ha ha! Sorry.

So – today’s post covers three things that I saw but didn’t photograph, 2 great workouts, and 1 thing that I saw and DID photograph.  Ooohh….fancy! 🙂

So – the three things I saw but didn’t photograph:

  1. Two men, in a boat, fishing….with bows & arrows. Gotta love the Couv, right?
  2. Two vultures, mid-meal….they were not pleased that I interrupted
  3. One homeless man, drinking beer from a sack at noon. I saw him finish the beer, then get up to throw it away (good job, homeless man). It was a microbrew. LOVE Portland.

Two great workouts.

Yesterday, I was to meet JM for a trail run. Before the trail run, I was gonna hit the pool. We are about to enter TMI territory, so cover your eyes.

Just before leaving for the pool, I decided that RIGHT NOW would be an excellent time to visit the restroom before leaving. And then, I felt it. That sensation that once it happens, you will never, ever forget. I had a UTI.

I skipped the pool. I drank a pitcher of cranberry juice. I decided that I could for sure do the run. The architect said, “I think you should stay home, you can’t stand erect.” I scoffed.

I drove to our meeting point. I thought I was going to die.

I visited the restroom there before JM showed up. She mentioned that I seemed concerned. I told her what was up. She, too, expressed reservations about my ability to run based on my inability to stand upright.

I conceded that she and the architect may be right, but I was really trying hard to exert mind over bladder (ha! even in pain, I make bad puns).

She said she would forgive me if for bailing on our run if I promised to blog about it and include an illustration of what I looked like when she saw me:

After I got home, I drank more water & cranberry juice. For reasons that shall remain unblogged, I also started doing shots of Pepto. I am a party monster, people!

I had a friend in town very briefly, and I really, really didn’t want to cancel on our happy hour. So I didn’t. I chugged cranberry on the way to Mint (thanks for the suggestions, people), and drank a LOT of water (and some yummy cocktails, of course) while there.

After the cocktails, I headed home. The architect had requested that I stop for some Thai food, so I did.

It was delicious – until I had a bad feeling. A bad “mushroom” feeling. It wasn’t too bad – likely someone just reused a knife or utensil or something. But it wasn’t good.

This morning, I woke up bright & early, determined to make my 9-10 miles with JM. We met at the Burnt Bridge Creek Park trail in Vancouver. It was very pretty, and very shady – and we’ll definitely be going back for some of our longer pre-marathon runs. We even managed to not get lost when the trail did a weird thing (a first for us).

We were both feeling a little off – due to post half marathon races & my crappy day yesterday, so we did more walking than usual. We ended up with 8 miles at just under an 11 minute mile. I’ll definitely take that!

I got home and ate (I hadn’t been able to get much down pre-run), and then started to feel all energetic again, so I headed out for a bike ride. I ended up with 13.3 miles in about an hour. My last 1.3 miles were through crowdedness, but before that, I was averaging 13.5-14 mph the whole time. It was pretty flat, with just a couple tiny rollers.

I’m feeling pretty damn good about my two workouts today!

And, finally – the one picture I did take:

I took this on my camera at Kelly Point – it’s amidsummer snow storm!

Or, you know, the cottonwoods are getting crazy – whatever!

I hope you all have a great weekend! I know Jen did! 5th in her age group at the Hagg Lake Olympic Tri! Way to go Jen!

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