Winos…back at it…sadness…and some happies

Last night, I walked for about 30 minutes before heading over to my friend’s to drink my uber-expensive bottle of wine…..

We drank the bottle, chatted, and she gave me clothes. I think I owe her a lot more $9.99 bottles of wine. And this was actually pretty damn good! Much better than my usual $6.99 wine!

My ITB is feeling a lot better today. I think the stretching & rest has been good. I’m going to try really hard to remember to stretch & rest & use the foam roller after all vigorous workouts. Better to take a few  minutes to stretch & roll than have to take 2 days off, right?

Tonight after work, I’m headed to the gym for weights & a swim (and maybe a bit o’ bike if I get all inspired). Tomorrow – yoga. I’m running Friday & Saturday, which means I won’t run tomorrow morning (I just can’t do three days in a row), and I’m going to try to get another bike in on Sunday. Sunday is the North Portland Sunday Parkways, when they close some streets & you can just pedal freely without having to worry about cars. There’s entertainment & food vendors, and it looks fun. It’s a ways away from where I live, but not so far that I couldn’t bike there.

The sadness referred to in my post title is that my kick-ass neighbors, whom I haven’t talked about on this blog for a week and a half (maybe causing you to wonder if they’d suddenly become less kick-ass – perhaps they admitted to being closet Cheney fans, or tried to convert me to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints or something) are gone. GONE! They say they’re coming back, but who knows….. They actually left for Spain about a week and half ago, and are supposed to come back this Friday, I think. BUT HOW COULD THEY LEAVE ME FOR SO LONG??? (Hey kick-ass neighbors – I’m just kidding. I promise I haven’t become a creepy stalker neighbor.) It’s so weird – we’ve only been neighbors for about a month or so, but already it’s like we’ve known each other for much, much longer. In a good way, really! I’m just glad they’re going to be back in time to party with us this weekend.

And, since this is the most disjointed post in a long time, I just want to do some anniversary shout-outs!

6/15 – my maternal grandparents celebrated 66 years of marriage

6/16 – my parents celebrated 34 years of marriage

6/17 – my friend Dr. Marcy & her husband celebrate 3 years of marriage.


6/18 – fellow runner Aron & her hubs celebrate 4 years of marriage

6/23 – workout buddy & runner The Ambitious one & Mr. Pi celebrate some marriage. Maybe 2 years. I didn’t get specific before I added it. oops.

Congrats everyone! It’s a good week for weddings, apparently. Although Marcy has a ways to go before she catches up with the others!

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