Morning Run FAIL
Morning Run FAIL

Morning Run FAIL

I was still really sore from the crazy workout the Ambitious One put me through on Sunday (1,000 yds in the pool followed by a 10.4 mile walk/run), so I skipped my weights last night, knowing I’d already committed to a weight workout Wednesday, so I’d get my minimum 1 time in this week.

This morning, I had my alarm set for 5:35 AM to get up & do some hill repeats before work. But I was up all night with a tight, tight chest and nasty cough. I could hardly breathe. I remember telling the architect I couldn’t run because the cold was in my chest. When the alarm went off this morning, I told the architect I felt like crap & was going to have to skip my run. When my alarm went off again one hour later, I was so confused. People, I think I dreamed the sick. I feel fine. The architect says I was not up all night coughing & wheezing, and he’s a light sleeper, so he would remember.

However, it was probably best that I skipped the run for another day of rest. My right ITB is painfully sore, and I’m trying to remember that although I can exercise through aches I should not exercise through pains. That way lies madness, and injury, and having to take three months off of running and missing my marathon again.

So – I’m going for a quick post-work walk before heading over to a friend’s to drink wine. I totally ditched her with no phone call a couple of weeks ago, which is lame & inexcusable. She consented to forgive me, but I am totally going to bribe her into more forgiveness. Last night, I purchased the most expensive bottle of wine at my corner store. Oh yeah, people. I am a big spender!


  1. Good call on not running. I bet your body made you dream the sick because it knew that you should perhaps not run? Ok, I have no clue but still it sounded good!!!

    How are you doing GR??

  2. That’s weird, but good. I’m a major spedor too. Sometimes I go for the 14.99 bottle. I can’t afford to by any more than that because fo the sheer volume I go through.

  3. I’m so glad I sat down to catch up on your blog today – I have now laughed twice. I have never dreamed of being sick. My last dream that I can remember was Sunday night about my Grandma, not nearly as funny.

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