Heya – if you are a local person who I know well enough to invite over to my home, and you did not receive an evite from regarding my upcoming party, let me know (that includes all PBRs [JM & I made the executive decision that PBR, portland blogger/runners was way more appropriate than the former title of PB&J] that have attended any happy hours and/or group runs). It has come to my attention that some of the evites did not go through, even though evite knows my invitees (well enough for it to tell me their favorite drinks, even). I don’t want people to not come because evite is all crazy (like when it refused to invite me to JM’s birthday drinks last year, and I cried myself to sleep for a week over the heartbreak & rejection).

So – let me know if you think you should be partying with me on Saturday, I’ll email you the details.

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