Corn Chronicles (Part V, I think)

Last night, I almost forgot to take pictures & measurements, thus risking disappointing my dad multitudes of readers.

With no further ado:

Carrie corn is still the leader, although it gets harder & harder to tell who’s the tallest. This week, she measured 35″, which is an 11″ growth spurt from last week!  James Corn is 20″, an 8″ growth spurt. Last night, I sat them all down & had “the talk” with them, and let them know that they can always come to me with any questions. It won’t be long now until they reach sexual maturity – probably in the next month-6 weeks, and if they aren’t prepared for all that silking, things could get out of control.

I’m pretty busy today, so no more words! Just photos:

11 responses to “Corn Chronicles (Part V, I think)

  1. i LOVE the thought of you having “the talk” with the corn kids!!

  2. Beautiful!!

  3. You have such a green thumb. I love the pictures. your garden is flourishing.

  4. very nice! i’m hoping to get some garden work done today and some pics up soon. everything is looking great though. my cucs are putting out tons of flowers too.

  5. Looks great!!! And I like that shirt you’re wearing. Almost like it only covers one boobie. I did a double take! So that shirt is an attention getter and a keeper!

  6. your broccoli is beautiful. it puts the entire eastern region of afghanistan to shame! now, if you had some poppy . . .

  7. Your garden is looking great! Thank’s for babysitting mine! Your magical green thumb actually made things grow in it and this made me extra happy!

    P. S so sad that I missed your partay. *sniffles* I have been in a coma for like 24 hours now and just woke up at 5:19am. This Moroccan H1N1 is just no fun! ) :

  8. Those corn kids are growing like weeds. 😀

  9. Look at you, Queen of Home-Grown Produce! Impressive.

  10. Grow, Carrie Corn, Grow!