Weekend report

Friday, I went to the dentist for my filling. It wasn’t bad. The dentist actually said I really shouldn’t even consider it a cavity yet….

After the dentist, I was going to go for a trail run, but it was hailing at the trail head. I’ll do rain, but hail is too much.

I spent the rest of Friday doing party prep.

Saturday, we prepped for the party all day, although I did make time for a quick 5 miler mid morning.

We had such a great time at the party, but once again, I was too nervous to eat (what if we run out of food?), and that doesn’t work out, since I don’t seem to worry about running out of liquor.

We’re pretty cute, though, right?

Sunday was an easy day. We cleaned up a little. I watched some Buffy. Did some homework. Had dinner with our kick-ass neighbors (who FINALLY returned from Spain).

I just feel like so much has happened – and I have so many posts! Tomorrow, I have a very special episode of how today I reunited with an old flame. *sigh*

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I certainly did. I wish I could take 5-day weekends more often. That was pretty damn fantastic.

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