Training Goals – 6/8/09 – 6/14/09
Training Goals – 6/8/09 – 6/14/09

Training Goals – 6/8/09 – 6/14/09

Recap from last week

I ran twice, strength trained once, did pushups twice & abs once.

I did not swim or bike (and I even skipped yoga through no fault of my own).

I did a lot of yard work on Saturday & Sunday – which was definitely some strength training, but mostly, I was LAZY!

Goals for this week

Bike twice (Tuesday & Saturday)

Weights twice (Monday & Wednesday)

Swim once (Wednesday)

Yoga once (Thursday)

Run 2-3 times (Tuesday, Friday, Sunday and MAYBE Thursday)

Feel free to mix up workout days….just no dropping the cross-training, dammit!

Also, no skipping long runs due to mojitos. That is not cool.


In other, non training news- we had a storm on Thursday night! Now, ordinarily I love a good storm. However, I do not love them when they happen as I’m trying to get home rather than when I’m already home. It took me well over 2 hours to get home Thursday, meaning I missed yoga. My main mode of transporation from my office to my car was shut down due to wind. The bridges were all crazy due to accidents & fleet week. The worst part was that I was so afraid that I was going to have to do a new post on Friday showing the garden destruction. Things did not look good when I got home. The corn was flat. Most of the broccoli was laying down. The various squashed were….well….squashed.

The architect & I did what we could to prop everything up, and I spent some time Friday staking & pep talking. By yesterday, you can barely tell they weathered (hee) a storm. So all is good.

Brew review tomorrow!


  1. Alisa

    So glad I missed that storm! It actually rained in CA too, felt so bad for the bride and groom who had to change everything the morning of their wedding. All went off without a hitch though.

    Sounds like you had a good strength week. Sometimes mojitos happen =).

  2. Jen

    That storm was a doozy. I’m glad the garden survived!

    I think loosening your training plan for the upcoming week is a smart move. Maybe even planning fewer workouts? You’re doing great so keep it up. šŸ™‚ See you soon!

  3. Yay for the plants! I can’t believe how resilient they are. I’m sad I missed the fun storm.

    Thanks for the offer for bike help, but I think Josh can help me. What happens if I get a flat during the race though?? I’m EFFED!!!

    1. I understand completely! I got a flat on a training ride once, and was ALL ALONE with no pump, nothing. I started walking home (six miles, in bike shoes – yay!). Some nice couple stopped & changed my tires for me. I still haven’t learned how to do it myself though. Perhaps I should!

      I can’t wait to hear all about the house.

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