Training Goals – 6/8/09 – 6/14/09

Recap from last week

I ran twice, strength trained once, did pushups twice & abs once.

I did not swim or bike (and I even skipped yoga through no fault of my own).

I did a lot of yard work on Saturday & Sunday – which was definitely some strength training, but mostly, I was LAZY!

Goals for this week

Bike twice (Tuesday & Saturday)

Weights twice (Monday & Wednesday)

Swim once (Wednesday)

Yoga once (Thursday)

Run 2-3 times (Tuesday, Friday, Sunday and MAYBE Thursday)

Feel free to mix up workout days….just no dropping the cross-training, dammit!

Also, no skipping long runs due to mojitos. That is not cool.


In other, non training news- we had a storm on Thursday night! Now, ordinarily I love a good storm. However, I do not love them when they happen as I’m trying to get home rather than when I’m already home. It took me well over 2 hours to get home Thursday, meaning I missed yoga. My main mode of transporation from my office to my car was shut down due to wind. The bridges were all crazy due to accidents & fleet week. The worst part was that I was so afraid that I was going to have to do a new post on Friday showing the garden destruction. Things did not look good when I got home. The corn was flat. Most of the broccoli was laying down. The various squashed were….well….squashed.

The architect & I did what we could to prop everything up, and I spent some time Friday staking & pep talking. By yesterday, you can barely tell they weathered (hee) a storm. So all is good.

Brew review tomorrow!

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