May Goals & an April recap

As always, first a review of April’s goals:

  1. Run 100 miles – SUCCESS! I totally hit my 100 miles in April, and I feel confident that I will be able to do it again this month.
  2. Get all trees planted & most of the garden in – Again – success! I planted three trees (well, I planted on, the architect planted two – but you know, they’re planted) & have most of the garden in. The only things NOT in are potatoes (I just need to go find some damn seed potatoes – everyone is out) & tomatoes/peppers (it’s too cold at night for them yet).
  3. 5K & 10K PRs – SUCCESS! An almost three minute PR for the 5K & almost 2 minutes for the 10K, both of them coming in under my goal times of 30 minutes & 60 minutes respectively.
  4. Pay all outstanding medical bills – SUCCESS! I think I have everything taken care of – go me!
  5. A. Start writing again – Less success, but not a complete fail. I’m just having trouble making Fridays a work day. When I didn’t work Mondays, it was easier to not think 3-day weekend. But I’m getting there.
    B. Parking solution – SUCCESS! This was serendipitous, but starting Monday, I will have parking near work for three months (fingers crossed it will get extended) and for significantly less than $10/day.

And now for my May goals – although I’m not sure I can live up to my successful April!

  1. Half marathon PR (running) – All this would take would be any time under 2:25, but I’m really shooting for something under 2:15
  2. Stick to my tri-training plans (fitness) – this will be hard for me, but necessary; I much prefer the running to the other
  3. Keep dedicating Fridays to personal stuff (personal) – writing & fitness are the only allowable activities
  4. Continue monitoring food/drink intake for weight loss (nutrition/health) – I’d really like to lose 6 lbs this month & get closer to my ultimate goal.
  5. Work on actually following my weekend cleaning plan (household) – I have a list of 8 activities that would result in a cleaner house, and ideally, every weekend, the architect & I are each supposed to choose one of those activities & do it thoroughly, that way, once a month, every bit of the house gets clean. Mostly we ignore the activities & just do the bare minimum. He gets a pass this weekend, because he’s studying for a very important test that he will take Monday, but I have no such excuses – and REALLY need to go devote 60 minutes to cleaning something.

Other goals include running 100 miles again, continue with my book devouring, although now that I won’t be on public transportation, I think I won’t get through quite as many. It’s amazing how many books I can read when I have 2.5 hours every workday to devote to page turning! I also will get the rest of the garden planted. (As of last night, I had 26 baby corn plants, only 2 black beans, a whole lot of brussels sprouts, spinach, beets, peas, beans, onions, garlic, pumpkins, summer squash, acorn squash, butternut squash, carrots, radishes, romaine, rhubarb, blueberries, strawberries and possibly leeks….you know, everything I planted but zucchini. Am I the only person in the world who can’t grow zucchini? I didn’t get any last year, either. I know it grows here, people are always giving me zucchini. Why won’t it grow for me? WHY????) I love this time of year when the days alternate between sunny & rainy & everything is growing so quickly (yesterday morning I had 22 baby corns, yesterday evening 26, I’m hoping for 30 when I go out later to count) and the days are so long. My rhododendron started blooming, my roses are budding, my lilac will bloom soon….it’s all so magical almost.

Tomorrow, look for my (only one week late) review of Brew Review #3, and then Monday I’ll be back with the week’s training plans.

Also – good luck tomorrow all you crazy racers! I’ll be in Eugene to watch the half & full marathons on their way to speedy, speedy glory!

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