Eugene Marathon Spectating Report

Very, very early this morning, I left my home (5:20 AM) to head over to the Ambitious One’s. At 5:45 AM, we rolled through Starbucks and then headed to Eugene to spectate.

We got to our first stop – mile 8 – at about 8 AM, and got all situated just in time to see Zach blow by us! We were afraid we hadn’t made it in time to see him, and I’m glad we were wrong. He was on his way to a kick-ass PR!

Pretty soon, Jen ran by looking strong. I almost missed her, too! She’s so fast, this is the only view most people ever get of her:

Not too much later, we saw Aron run by, looking strong:

Soon after that, we packed up & headed to stop #2 – mile 17ish.

We got there before any marathoners had run by and it was pretty awesome to see the front runners come by:

After awhile, we saw fellow tweeter @smellycents run by, and then we got to see Aron again!

After that, it was time to pack up again & head to mile 24.5ish.

It was fun seeing the same people over & over, and there were a few who definitely recognized us, too! We had the best signs on the marathon course (if I do say so myself):

After awhile we saw @smellycents run by again for her 3rd marathon in 13 days – and a personal PR!

After a few more minutes, we saw Aron run by again – she didn’t hit her goal time, but she ran a great strong race! She’s such an inspiration!

It wasn’t good for everyone, though. The combination of the wet & the slight chill did have a bad effect on a few people:

After seeing Aron run by again, we headed to the finish line. We didn’t get to see Aron finish, but we met up with her, her super-nice family & Jen & Zach.

After some chatting, Alisa & I headed back to Portland. When I got home I counted my corn again (50 as of last count) & then took a nap. Now that it’s about 8:15, it might be almost time for bed again.

I’m sorry we missed Meechelee & Solo Runner – they were both doing the half, but we cheered for you anyways!

Congrats to all the runners who ran races, those that PR’d & those that BQ’d.  Great weekend, everyone! I can’t believe how much fun it was to watch all the runners – I’m definitely go to spectate again as soon as I can find a race that doesn’t require me to get up at 5 AM!

Recent Comments

  • Susan
    May 3, 2009 - 7:33 pm ·

    Aw thanks for the shoutout! It looks like it was a painful day for that last guy in your pictures….yikes! The toenail sign is classic, I’ll have to remember that one. Spectating is lots of fun…it always gets me super excited to race, and then I remember what mile 23 feels like!

    • gazelle
      May 4, 2009 - 2:17 pm ·

      yeah – some of the expressions at mile 24 were LESS than inspirational – but it was still awesome enough that I think I might go ahead with my marathon plans.

      Congrats again on your BQ!

  • Julianne
    May 3, 2009 - 9:08 pm ·

    Fabulous spectating report!!! I wish I could have been there… Those signs are totally awesome, btw! How fun that you got to see so many friends!! Love those pics, too!!

    • gazelle
      May 4, 2009 - 2:17 pm ·

      You were there in spirit – with our sign! It was a great race to spectate, and the first time I’ve ever done a multi-location spectating!

  • Carrie
    May 4, 2009 - 7:04 am ·

    Great race report! I was tracking four people from my company all morning yesterday…now with your pictures I almost feel like I was there. (Love the signs!)

  • Alisa
    May 4, 2009 - 7:21 am ·

    Yay baby we are the awesome spectators if I do say so myself!

    Our signs did rock!

    Go us.

    • gazelle
      May 4, 2009 - 2:18 pm ·

      I wish I’d known about the magic of multi-location spectating before Portland last year – we could’ve terrorized you from more than 1 spot!

    • gazelle
      May 4, 2009 - 2:08 pm ·

      sure makes me glad that I wear a sports bra! there were a LOT of bloody nipples (or red 11’s as I guess they are known).

  • aron
    May 6, 2009 - 10:33 am ·

    sooo awesome to have you out there 🙂 thank you again!!!!

    i love spectating at multiple spots and getting to see the same runners a few times!