Because I am a wee bit obsessed….

I looked up the race results from my first chip-timed 5 K. It was in April 2007, so just over 2 years ago. My goal for that race was to run the whole think without having to stop to walk (it was my 3rd 5K).

Here is a picture of me just before the 2007 Bridge to Bridge 5K (now it’s the Bridge to Brews 8K/10K & there is more beer, which is a good improvement).

That year (almost exactly 2 years ago), I finished in 38:11 (that’s a 12:17 pace).

I was 35th out of 45 in my age group (77% of women aged 30-35 finished before me); 283/351 overall (80% of everyone finished before me) and 163rd for 216 females (75% of all the womens finished ahead of me).

Compared to this 5K,when I was 39/165 in my age group (only 23% of those 30-35 year-old women finished ahead of me); 420/1239 (33% of everyone ahead of me) & 174th out of 812 women (only 21% of all women beat me Sunday).

Not to mention the time improvement of almost 10 minutes in just two years (and over a 3 minute/mile pace). Also, I have way cooler looking running clothes now:

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