No porn again this week – I promise to do better next week.

You know how some retail estabishments have a name and/or photo of people posted by the cash register with the exhortion “don’t let this person write checks”? Do you think that if I asked the coffee shops I occasionally frequent to put my photo & name by their cash registers with the instructions “don’t let this woman order anything larger than a medium” that they would?

This morning, I stopped at Seattle’s Best (the one in Borders downtown, right where I exit MAX to make my bus transfer) & stopped for a coffee & bagel (I also wanted fruit, but the closest thing they had was a lemon donut, and although I was tempted, I decided that might not cut it for my daily fruit intake). I order, as I often do when I go for a latte, a LARGE fat-free (sometimes I get soy) vanilla latte.

I think that’s about 17 shots of espresso. It’s been over 4 hours, and I think I can still feel my heart beating in an uncomfortable way. I chugged the whole thing on my 20 minute bus ride, and by the time I got to my office, I felt all hyper & shifty, like I assume I would feel if I started doing lines in the morning. In fact, I got all nervous & paranoid that someone would ACTUALLY accuse me of being on drugs. Seriously. Massive amounts of caffeine apparently make me into a paranoid drug fiend.

Anyways…..BYGONES. (Am still hyper. Not sure why. Am typing 5,000 words per minute right now. Am too scattered to actually be a good worker, though. JUST SAY NO, people. Just say no.)

Last night I did a track workout with the Ambitious One. I talked her into Yasso 800s.Β  Basically the premise is that if you are training for a marathon & have a specific time goal (i.e. a 4 hour 45 minute finish) you should do 800 repeats with the same goal time (i.e. 4 minutes, 45 seconds) with the equivalent time for a recovery jog between repeats. You start at 4 repeats & top out at 10 repeats at least 10 days before your marathon.

My first 800 came in at 4:04. Which was a wee bit on the fast side. 800 #2 – 4:14; #3 – 4:29; #4 – 4:16. Except for the 1st recovery (which I walked), I jogged the rest. I’m a little sore today, but I know that’s because I didn’t ice & foam roll last night. I meant to, but the ice pack was still on the floor from Saturday & wasn’t cold, and the foam roller was surly & didn’t want to hang out.

My recovery jogs were all about 12 minute miles – which I feel is okay – I was really working hard to keep them slow.

I think next time I’ll aim for the 800s (five of them!) between 4:15-4:20, which was a very comfortable yet speedy pace. I’ve not done a lot of speed work, so I’m not sure how all-out I’m supposed to be doing these. I couldn’t have had a conversation during the 800s, but I recovered quickly and was ready to go again at the end of my recovery jog. I think that if I can’t jog the entire recovery that would mean I was going too hard. Based on my 5K time, the Runner’s World calculator says I should be able to do a marathon in 4:31, and that I should do my 800s at 4:25, but that just didn’t feel challenging. We’ll see if it gets more challenging as I add in more repeats.

Does anyone else do these? If not, do you do interval training? What kind? Share!


    1. Yeah – I totally set my garmin interval function (and Alisa’s even allowed her to add a warm-up & cool-down into the interval, which mine didn’t).

      I set mine up as a distance/time interval & did 1/2 mile distance & then 4:45 time. It worked really, really well. (Next time I’ll do 1/2 mile distance & 4:20 time.)

      If you have a fancier garmin than my 301, you can probably add the warm & cool into your interval.

  1. Alisa

    I think we pretty much killed it last night! I felt so strong and so runner-esque on the track.

    I too think we can aim for 4:15-4:20’s. All of mine were under too.

  2. awesome job!!! i was doing intervals last night too… fun stuff πŸ™‚ i dont have any 800s on my schedule, but i think those are the most fun to run! maybe i will have to make room for them.

    i could use a really large coffee right now… so sleepy!

    1. I have vowed to not set foot on a treadmill from April through October. And since I have a garmin, I suppose I could do intervals anywhere – the track just seems so old school & appropriate!

      The yassos were awesome with their simplicity.

  3. Jen

    Awesome track workout! I have done the Yassos but I never got up to 10 which I think is the ultimate goal of the workouts… but I still think doing 4,5,6.. is amazing. I’m going to the track with Emily and Zach in an hour or so and I”m prepared to work my ass off. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Kristen

    I am so glad I know their official name! I have been doing them sometimes (but only like 3 or 4 per workout) with the training group I was in but they didn’t call them this. You guys were speedy!

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