My new toy

Last Friday, Amazon delivered a new toy:

What with one thing and another (friends for dinner, hangover, race), I didn’t put it together until last night. Although I was able to put all the pieces together all by myself (with only 2 occasions where I had to take it apart & put it together – there were NO instructions), I did need the architect’s help to mount it (hee) to the door frame.

Finally, it was installed. And although the package recommends removing it from the door frame between uses, we probably won’t often – we’re both short enough that we won’t hit our heads, and I’m too short to put it back, meaning I’d be completely dependent on the architect if I ever just wanted to hang from a bar for a while.

Because that’s all I was able to do. I can do 50-60 push-ups (in 5 sets, I’m not a goddess….YET), but I can’t even pull my body weight up a tiny little bit. I hung for awhile. I pulled my legs up & pretended that was somehow affecting the torso lift. It wasn’t.

I am determined that by the end of this year, I will be able to do at least 1 pull-up. And trust me when I say that when that happens, I will share that information with you all. Probably a lot. There may even be pictures.

I didn’t feel QUITE so bad when the architect wasn’t able to do very many (although he’s probably home practicing RIGHT NOW just so he can stay ahead of me).

Do any of you do pull-ups? Do any of you female types do pull-ups? How long do you think it will take before I can crank one out? How else can I train my body to more effectively do a pull-up? More push-ups? More arm weights? Lose some ell-bees? All of the above?

I’m pretty committed to my SBSD crunches, and I’m moving on to week 3 (level 2, bitches) of the push-up challenge after this week, but I really, really want to do a pull-up. (Apparently I’ve decided that I want to relive & then conquer all my elementary school PE humiliations – next up, I’m installing a climbing rope.)

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