Weekend Update – with Norm McDonald

Well, probably not – just with me…

Saturday I again worked at my fancy low-paying part-time job. I think I made about $100 this weekend. Woo!  By the time I got home Saturday, I was tired. I did my crunches, and that was all the energy I could muster.

I made homemade pizza, and it was muy delicioso! We then retired to our media/workout room to watch a movie (Stardust), but I fell asleep not even halfway through.

Sunday morning I woke up bright & early for my planned 14 miles. I met up with Ms. Maximum Heartrate (who I now want to just refer to as JUNK, but I won’t….maybe I’ll just call her JM) as The Ambitious One & Mr. Pi were running a bit late. I quickly revised my running plan & scaled back to 10 miles. I haven’t uploaded my run from Leo (I had to change his name – he likes this one better) yet – and honestly don’t remember what the time was on stopping.  It’s weird – when I run by myself, I seldom need a walk break, but when I run with others, I do. I think this time it was because we were running a bit faster than my usual pace, so I’d get tired a bit quicker (at one point, Leo beeped angrily and told me to SLOW DOWN because we were running under 9 minute miles, and that way (for me) lies injury.

I’ve been having a weird knee thing lately. It’s not exactly PAIN, but it feels like a giant vise is tightening around my knee, exerting a lot of pressure. When I stop to walk it out, it hurts for about 10 seconds, and then no pain at all. I stopped to walk out the knee pressure about 4 times on my run yesterday (and I felt it, but ignored it on my hill run on Friday). After the run, I felt no pain, and nothing for the rest of the day. It’s just kinda….weird.

So – with that, and my desire to actually run a marathon this year instead of just talking about it, I decided that since I am NOT running San Diego this year 🙁 I do not need to rack up the big miles yet. I think that I need to increase my mileage more slowly that one would for marathon training.

I have now officially given up on making March a 100 mile month, and will settle instead for 90. And I was really okay with that, until I read that one of my blogger buddies just ran 50 miles in the LAST WEEK, and will do 55 THIS WEEK. And that – in two weeks – is more than I will run all month! But, as I would rather live to run another day, I guess I’ll take it easy on the poor knee. I’m going to try to get a new appointment with my PT to see what she thinks.

ANYWAYS, back to yesterday – we ran our 10 miles & along the way ran into her. It’s kinda fun seeing people you know on the trail.

After our run, JM & I headed to the appointed brunch spot. We arrived about 11:45. The rest of the group arrived about an hour later, I think. I think our food came at 1:45. Now don’t get me wrong – it was good food – but the wait was intermible. Also, if you’ve just run 10 miles, having 6 cups of coffee & then a bloody mary before the food comes might not be the best way to treat your tummy!

The rest of the day was a wash – I took a bath. I lounged on the couch. I read books. I lazed.

And now – another workweek. Sigh. At least this one promises to be a bit easier & more stress-free!

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