Weekend Update – with Norm McDonald
Weekend Update – with Norm McDonald

Weekend Update – with Norm McDonald

Well, probably not – just with me…

Saturday I again worked at my fancy low-paying part-time job. I think I made about $100 this weekend. Woo!Β  By the time I got home Saturday, I was tired. I did my crunches, and that was all the energy I could muster.

I made homemade pizza, and it was muy delicioso! We then retired to our media/workout room to watch a movie (Stardust), but I fell asleep not even halfway through.

Sunday morning I woke up bright & early for my planned 14 miles. I met up with Ms. Maximum Heartrate (who I now want to just refer to as JUNK, but I won’t….maybe I’ll just call her JM) as The Ambitious One & Mr. Pi were running a bit late. I quickly revised my running plan & scaled back to 10 miles. I haven’t uploaded my run from Leo (I had to change his name – he likes this one better) yet – and honestly don’t remember what the time was on stopping.Β  It’s weird – when I run by myself, I seldom need a walk break, but when I run with others, I do. I think this time it was because we were running a bit faster than my usual pace, so I’d get tired a bit quicker (at one point, Leo beeped angrily and told me to SLOW DOWN because we were running under 9 minute miles, and that way (for me) lies injury.

I’ve been having a weird knee thing lately. It’s not exactly PAIN, but it feels like a giant vise is tightening around my knee, exerting a lot of pressure. When I stop to walk it out, it hurts for about 10 seconds, and then no pain at all. I stopped to walk out the knee pressure about 4 times on my run yesterday (and I felt it, but ignored it on my hill run on Friday). After the run, I felt no pain, and nothing for the rest of the day. It’s just kinda….weird.

So – with that, and my desire to actually run a marathon this year instead of just talking about it, I decided that since I am NOT running San Diego this year πŸ™ I do not need to rack up the big miles yet. I think that I need to increase my mileage more slowly that one would for marathon training.

I have now officially given up on making March a 100 mile month, and will settle instead for 90. And I was really okay with that, until I read that one of my blogger buddies just ran 50 miles in the LAST WEEK, and will do 55 THIS WEEK. And that – in two weeks – is more than I will run all month! But, as I would rather live to run another day, I guess I’ll take it easy on the poor knee. I’m going to try to get a new appointment with my PT to see what she thinks.

ANYWAYS, back to yesterday – we ran our 10 miles & along the way ran into her. It’s kinda fun seeing people you know on the trail.

After our run, JM & I headed to the appointed brunch spot. We arrived about 11:45. The rest of the group arrived about an hour later, I think. I think our food came at 1:45. Now don’t get me wrong – it was good food – but the wait was intermible. Also, if you’ve just run 10 miles, having 6 cups of coffee & then a bloody mary before the food comes might not be the best way to treat your tummy!

The rest of the day was a wash – I took a bath. I lounged on the couch. I read books. I lazed.

And now – another workweek. Sigh. At least this one promises to be a bit easier & more stress-free!


  1. Alisa

    I think your plan is a good one. No need to run over 13.1 before you start marathon training. Any thoughts on which one yet? I’d love to spectate for you and be at the finish line with martini makings…champagne…bloody mary mix…whatever you want.

    $100 for a weekend isn’t bad at all…maybe you can buy yourself a pair of spring shoes =).

    1. I don’t think I’ll keep it under 13 – but I think I will advance more slowly than I’d been planning – half as slow as I would ordinarily.

      I haven’t yet decided on the fall marathon. I may just end up doing Portland since that was the plan for last year. I’ll decide in June or July.

  2. wow, great 10 miler! but watch out, i tend to be very careful about my recovery nutrition with anything over 7 miles. I hope you got a protein bar, or something suitable within 30 minutes. that’s a really long time to wait for food after such a long run!

    the knee thing sounds like maybe an IT band issue? did you do any more stretching during the run? I’ve been known to stop every 5 miles just to stretch out the IT band and calves some.

    1. Ordinarily, I do try to eat something within 30-45 miles. I did not realize that I would be 2 hours w/o food, or I would’ve brought a snack.

      I usually stretch pre- & post-, but not during. It may be ITB related, but I’m not sure – it doesn’t feel like earlier ITB issues I’ve had. I think I need to concentrate more on my PT exercises again (and more foam rolling!)

  3. Good job on your run! Don’t pressure yourself to rack up the miles, just take it slow and steady. I’ve only been increasing (per my PT) about 1-1.5 miles per week, and things seem to be going really well. Yesterday after my run, my knees did feel “slippery” though. I can’t even explain it…it was like if I wasn’t careful, my muscles and kneecaps were going to slip off of my legs. It was a very strange feeling. Something I plan to talk to Liz about. Before my kneecaps go sliding about.

  4. I was thinking the tightening sounded like ITB stuff too. Do you have a foam roller? Sorry that San Diego is definitely off the radar – but it’s smart to take care of yourself and have a bigger picture view so that the next marathon will be super. Have a great week!

    1. It could be ITB related, but doesn’t feel the same as my last ITB issues. I will definitely spend a lot more time this week with my foam roller & my PT exercises. I don’t want to get injured AGAIN!

  5. definitely a good idea to increase a little slower since the marathon is further away than planned, especially coming off injury. you are being very smart about your training… you know your body and what it takes to keep it injury free – keep it up!! great job on your 10 miler!

    and you will get your 100 mile month this year don’t worry!!!

    1. At first I wasn’t going to adjust my training schedule even when it turned out I wouldn’t make it to SD, but then that just seemed silly! I can now progress at a snail’s pace, and then be super strong for 2010! πŸ™‚

  6. Haha – saw something that we talked about while we were running and it cracked me up! πŸ™‚

    You didn’t need to stop to walk hardly at all! You’re so hard on yourself – it was a GREAT run!! Unlike our wait for food – dodging the door, the waitresses, freezing, famished, and high on coffee! Never again πŸ™‚

    And you can call me Junk – or JM. I’m down the shortening it up πŸ™‚

  7. Jen

    I think you’ve made a smart decision to pass on San Diego and keep your mileage moderate for now. You’re getting in great shape but ramping up the miles might lead to injury and blow any progress you’ve made. You want to run for longer than just this spring, right?! I say it’s a good call.

    Sorry about your knee, I hope it disappears as quickly as it came on. Great run though! πŸ™‚

  8. I think your smart for the revision. You certainly know your body better than anyone. I get sucked into the, “if she can do it, why can’t I” danger zone so easily. It blows me away what some are capable of, but if I tried a 55 mile week I’d probably self-destruct.

  9. Just my silly opinion, but I think that increasing your mileage SLOWLY is a very good idea especially with your history of injury.

    I’m so jealous of your little running community.

    1. I feel that I gave the wrong impression that I was adding millions of miles each week – and I wasn’t! I was progressing fairly slowing, considering I was in marathon training for SD. HOWEVER, since it became apparent I couldn’t go to SD for financial reasons, I decided that I didn’t need to train for the marathon, and could, instead, progress even MORE slowly. I am being a good runner who wants to run for a long, long time. πŸ™‚

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