I feel lazy

Last night, I got my crunches & push-ups in, as well as 20 minutes of yoga. Then the architect & I made mini quesadillas (they were delicious) and watched the Discovery Channel.

I know – pretty exciting stuff!

This morning, I meant to get up & run 5 miles before work, but for some reason, my alarm did not go off. When I woke at 6, I decided that I would just sleep & do my run after work – hope the weather holds!

Today is a weirdly busy day. Not urgently busy like things have been, well, for a couple of months, but a lot of little things to get done – and I’m just not focused. I have a headache, desperately need to take the 40 steps down the hall to fill up my water bottle, and just feel kinda whiny & blah…..not sure what’s causing that. I do feel that I’m not getting nearly enough sleep lately, which is silly, because I generally get a minimum of 7 every night (it’s usually closer to 8-9).

Today I just feel that I don’t particualrly want to be here. I almost wish that I was the one who was unemployed, instead of the architect (actually, he probably wishes the same, I think he’s ready to contribute to society again).

The most exciting news that I have is that I finally uploaded my last two runs from Leo, and my 3 miler last Tuesday evening with the architect clocked at 31:20 (10:25 pace), and I really wasn’t trying for speed, so that’s nice. AND, my 10 miler with JM on Sunday came in at 1:49:45, just under 11 minute miles – which although not as speedy as I’d ultimately like to be, still makes me happy.

I am very much looking forward to my upcoming 5 & 10Ks – I am planning on PR-ing on both!

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