Looking Ahead
Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

I am trying to feel a bit more positive and less blah today. I got denied a follow-up visit with my PT, so I guess I’m on my own (unless I want to shell out the actual cost of a visit, which at this point, I don’t).  So – I just need to be extra vigilant about doing my exercises & monitoring & foam rolling. And, since I want to complete all my planned races this year, I think I’ll have to do just that. What is it about doing my PT exercises that is so hard? I can go out & run 27 miles a week, but can’t take 15 minute 4-5 days a week to make sure that I can run 27 miles next week? That is so lame. I’ve been doing 200-300 crunches/night & push-ups 3 nights a week, but I can’t figure out how to work in some one-legged squats or plyometrics?  Lame, lame, lame.

Anyways – back to NOT lame. In April, I will run 100 miles, and I would like to do so in good health. This month, I should hit 90 – which is still the biggest mileage month I’ve ever had. If I keep up with my plans for the rest of the year (what, you don’t map out 12 months of running in January?), I’ll be over 1,000 miles for the year, and that is something pretty awesome, I think.

My biggest challenge in the coming months (since I’m planning a sprint tri- on 8/1/09) will be getting in the pool. While I don’t HATE swimming, I don’t love it. It’s harder to get up for that than anything else. It takes very little to intimidate/discourage me:

  • Other people waiting to use the pool – check!
  • Circle swimming with people who are faster than me (i.e. everyone) – check!
  • The thought that someone might look at and then judge me – check!

All this leads me to believe that I will have to change my schedule Wednesday AM swims to some time with fewer people & less early, making it harder to choose sleep over swim. I’m thinking maybe Friday early afternoons, just prior to my Friday trail runs. Or, maybe someone could just give me enough money to install an indoor lap pool on my property. I’d totally let you come use it, too! I had briefly thought of doing 2 swims/week in June & July to really prepare for my Tri-swim, but am not sure I can be that dedicated.

Soon, it will be nice enough to ride my bike to work again, and then I can do that 1x/week for automatic cross training (it’s about 18 miles round trip). I’m planning on taking my bike out (for the first time in WAAAY too long) for a test commute to my temporary part-time job on Friday, since it’s supposed to be nice.

There are so many things to look forward to in the next few months – and I’m excited that I’m strong enough to make these plans. I may not have the body I dream of having, but at least my body can do all the things I dream of doing…

And, to remember my earlier mantra: “Life is good, dammit!”


  1. ohhh a tri! you are awesome. no way i would ever ever do one… im scared of those!! i dont swim at all! that is very awesome 🙂 looks like your plans for the year are going great!!

    1. I am so scared, too! But, I know I can do the run distance (5K – EASY!) and I know I can do the bike distance (12 miles – slow but doable), it’s the swim that scares me! BUT, I really just want to check it off my list – much like the marathon!

  2. Friday afternoons are a pretty safe bet for low traffic at the pool. Good luck with getting it fixed into your routine. I have a swim on the books for today and I keep looking at the clock wondering if it’s going to make it to the log as done anytime soon. It’s cold and rainy here which you would think would make it easier to go to the pool because what the heck else am I going to do – but no. And on a different note – I don’t know why the PT/foam roller stuff is so hard to stick to. I absolutely have to have a tangible reward system to get myself to use the foam roller. The vague goal of my leg feeling better and runs being easier in the future do NOT motivate me enough to get it done. An hour soak in a tub with my favorite bath salts that I only let myself use when I’ve foam rollered my ITB every day for a week? Yeah buddy. That works. Peace!

    1. I haven’t made any final decisions – but I’m not really making it to my Wednesday morning swims anyways, so I think I need a backup plan – that way, if I do manage to drag my lazy ass out of bed on a Wednesday, it’s a BONUS swim!

  3. ok you gotta do the exercises!! I do them while watching tv and that helps.

    so I’m wondering if I get better at biking if I might try this whole bike to work thing by the end of summer

  4. Tara

    I am sooooo not a swimmer…it just doesn’t excite me, which is why a Tri is never in my future! lol Nice job on getting a game plan together for the year so you can do all the fun races/events you want!

    I have definitely made much more of an effort in the past months to stretch, foam roll, and do knee strengthening excercises and although it seems like a pain to work them into your day they have helped me tremedously!

  5. Yes life is good.

    I got clearance to run some. So i ran 3 mlles. Is that some? Who cares? I feel like a caged animal running free.

    I didn’t even have an xray. Next week he said!!! UGH!!!

  6. Acck, a tri??? Oops, I mean, that sounds like fun! (Not a swimmer here, so never gonna happen for me).

    I can so relate to the variety of lameness that makes running a bunch of miles more doable than simple stretching in front of the tv.

    It’s a good reminder that I need to get back on it too if I want to have functional knees for much longer.

  7. I’m finally getting caught up, you had a lot of fun posts that I had missed! I totally feel ya on the intimidation at the pool….I’m planning to start swimming soon….but totally nervous about it!
    Also, love your mantra!!!

  8. Dude, you are doing GREAT! I am hard on myself too so I shouldn’t judge, but…stop being so hard on yourself. Seriously, what you’re accomplishing is awesome right now, don’t let swimming get in the way either. I feel the same way in the pool and hope that no one can see me flailing around underwater through their goggles. As for the PT, I don’t know what to say cause I am not very good about doing certain things either. I just received my Trigger Point set last night so you’ll have to try it out tonight when you come over. It is painful but kinda fun.

    Anyway – excited to see you tonight!

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