Insert Clever Running Title Here

Today, I worked at my new temporary part-time job. It didn’t suck. They are paying me. Not a lot, but maybe enough to buy a new series of yoga classes!

After my shift, I hightailed it up to Washington Park to meet the Cheetah for our weekly trail run. Today, however, it was too muddy for trails, so we had to settle for less. And by less, I mean that we ran from the Zoo to PGE Park. And back.

It’s not far, really – just over 6 miles (6.17 according to map my run, forgot Lionel today). It does have, however, a 732 foot drop in elevation between the Zoo & PGE Park. And that, of course, means a 732 foot climb on the way back.  I did the whole run in 70 minutes – which is a 11:19 average. I am beyond pleased with that. I am also beyond pleased that I ran with the Cheetah for the whole first half of the run (yes, the downhill part – but still). I know she was slowing her pace a bit for me, but I was also pushing, so it worked out. Once we turned, though, she was out of sight in less than 10 minutes. I never stopped running, though!

My legs are super tired, now. They don’t hurt, but they are done working for today. I feel tired but strong. It’s a good feeling.

Tomorrow I have more part-time work, and then maybe something that’s not running (I don’t have anything else but runs on my workout calendar this week – and I think I need something else).

Now it’s time for beer. And meat! 

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