Made it through…

I finally got my project in yesterday – and I am pleased. It was a long, stressful week – and I feel kind of at loose ends today – even though I have a very long to-do list – nothing is URGENT.

Today is my x-train day, and once it’s a bit more summery, I will probably use Thursdays to bike to work (about 18 miles round trip). However, since I’m still trying to make up my missed 9 miler (which I wouldn’t have to do if I hadn’t crapped out on my 3/1/09 twelve-miler, rolling my ankle & being a weakling for the rest of the week), I thought I might run a couple miles or five this morning instead.

I ran three, and then decided that was enough for today. My PT told me that I shouldn’t run 2 days in a row EVER, but I decided that she’s delusional, so last week & this week, I did/am doing Thursday short easy runs & a Friday trail run. BUT, I still don’t want to push it, you know? I definitely want to take it easy with those. Last week I did 2/5; this week I’m going for 3/6, and honestly, if it wasn’t for this stupid compulsion to make up the miles so that I’ll get that 100 in (even though it’s not like I’ll die if I don’t, or give up running & take up competitive eating, I just can’t let it go), I probably wouldn’t even have done three today. But, like I said, compulsions.

This morning, pre-gym, the architect made me coffee, so I drank it. Post-gym, I’d forgotten about my earlier caffeine dose. So while waiting for the streetcar, I got a large fat-free vanilla latte (I like to indulge every week or two). About 30 minutes later, I could feel my heart beating, and I thought I might not be able to sit still enough on the bus to avoid attracting attention. I did – no worries! There were definitely crazier people than me about.

Unfortunately (only kinda), this is not the last day of work this week for me. I agreed to help some people out for the next 2-3 weeks with my mad data entry skillz, so I’ll be working tomorrow & Saturday this week – and the next couple of Fridays as well. Which is good for my bank account, but not so good for my free time! At least I don’t have to show up until 10 tomorrow.  I’m not completely crazy. And I’ll get off early enough for my trail run with the Cheetah tomorrow.

Happy almost weekend!