Shamrock 15K Race Report

Except, you know, not really.

Saturday morning I woke up & didn’t feel….right. It wasn’t AWFUL, just not right. I canceled my swim date. I didn’t do much of anything all day. I rested & hydrated & concentrated on feeling better for my Shamrock 15K. I had a time goal. I was ready.

Saturday evening, I made a lasagna (yummy!) and had a glass of wine. I laid out all of my race stuff and went to bed early. I couldn’t sleep. I had crazy dreams. I woke up Sunday morning with my alarm and knew there was a chance I wasn’t going to make the race. I got up & wandered downstairs.

This was not going to be good.

I decided that I would go back to bed for an hour & then get up & drive to the race. But, just in case, I texted the Ambitious One & told her I wasn’t going to show up. I woke up a bit later and felt terrible – the architect told me I wasn’t going to the race. Later, I lost my breakfast. It was probably 2 PM before I kept anything down.

I started feeling a lot better after that – and was even able to go have pizza with some friends for their house warming that evening, although I was pretty worn out by the time we got home.

I feel better today, but not great.

I also feel completely lame that I missed my first race of 2009. I now have 400 SBSD crunches & 9 miles to make up. I think that I will have to take today off, too, but starting tomorrow I’m back in the game.

Congrats to everyone who raced yesterday – you all did a FANTASTIC job. I’m just sorry I wasn’t there.

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