BLERGH! And also, BLECH!
BLERGH! And also, BLECH!

BLERGH! And also, BLECH!

I do not feel well today. I have an issue that I will not discuss with you all, however, it is an issue that caused me to cancel my swim date with the Cheetah this morning. 🙁

Thursday after work, the Ambitious One & I headed to FitRight for some shoe shopping – since running shoes are the only ones I’m buying lately (*sob*) I really enjoyed myself! She got a new pair of shoes that should hopefully not make her toes fall off. I picked up a pair of New Balance trail runners.

Aren’t they pretty? I tried them out yesterday (on our GORGEOUS Friday) for a 5-mile trail run. They were pretty fantastic. They are so light & comfy! I broke them in by running through a few mud puddles. The run yesterday was terrific – I started out with the Cheetah, but eventually I had to fall back (even when she’s running slow for me, I can’t keep up for very long). I took a bunch of trails I’d never run on before (not something I would recommend if you weren’t really familiar with the area) and ran through a Sequoia grove. There were many violets & crocuses blooming – and so many birds flitting about – it was just GORGEOUS.

After my run, I lounged about at home for a while, talked to my parents, and then got all prettied up for a date with the architect. We went to Alameda Brewhouse. I hadn’t been there in a couple of years, but they have a decent happy hour (3-6) with $3 pints & 1/2 off all appetizers.

However, I was not overly impressed with their selection. They had a porter & a stout, a pale & a golden, and the only middle ground was an IPA. They were out of their winter seasonal, but still didn’t have a spring seasonal. No reds or ambers…..I drank the IPA, which isn’t my favorite, but it was alright. The food was fine, but nothing to write home about.  Overall, we spent $27 on 4 pints of beer & 3 appetizers, so it was a pretty good deal.

Maybe I should do an alphabetical review of all the breweries in Portland – next up, Amnesia (mmmm….Desolation IPA).

And now, for the photos from the drive the architect & I took a couple of weeks ago. We drove up through the eastern side of the coast range in February, and although there are no pictures of my handsome husband (he wouldn’t let me take any) there are a couple of me.

It was a fun trip, although the curvy roads always make me a wee bit nauseated.

Tomorrow is the Shamrock 15K – and I sincerely hope that I am feeling a little bit more like being active then. And that my body will cooperate and allow me to leave the vicinity of the bathroom.

And, now, to take your mind off what I just said = some gratuitous cute:


  1. That middle picture is wonderful! (And what a GREAT T-shirt – I have to add.) Hope you’re feeling better soon – and get your swim in. I am thinking about getting a pair of trail running shoes. (I’ve only run on trails once and it was tremendous fun.) Is there anything different about picking out trail running shoes?

    1. re: picking out trail runners – I just went to my running store. The saleslady saw what my current street running shoes were, and helped me find something that would work for my feet. However, due to the size of my feet, there were not a lot of choices, and I am just happy that one of the three (seriously, three) pairs of neutral trail runners they had a size six felt so awesome. I was worried that the yellow & black bumblebee shoes might fit! 🙂

      After one disastrous attempt, I no longer allow myself to select my own running shoes (because then I just buy pretty ones) and end up with sore feet.

  2. Alisa

    Oh no….hope you are feeling better by tomorrow too! Ick!

    Glad to hear your raving review of your trail shoes.

    Yay gratuitous animal cuteness.

    See you in the morning…I’ll be in the obnoxiously bright green shirt =).

    1. I will (for once) not be wearing my green running shirt! I’ll be head to toe black 🙂

      See you in the AM – I’ll be there about 8, too, trying to stay warm (and trying to find peeps to get pictures of them).

  3. Jen

    Love the photos of you and also of the kitties!

    Hope you are feeling much better tomorrow. See you then!

    OH, and I would love to read a review of all the breweries. 🙂

  4. GREAT pictures!! Sorry you weren’t feeling well and that you didn’t make it today. If it makes you feel better, I had to concentrate REALLY hard to make it to the porto at the end of the race today. And have been to the bathroom 4 times since. Ick.

  5. kitties!!!! so cute 🙂

    I hope you are feeling better soon 🙁 bathroom “sickness” is the worst. GAH.

    YAY for the new shoes too!!!! I am only buying running shoes these days also 🙁

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